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March 1, 2017 , Business



Marketing is huge when your a creative! We believe your website is one of the most important tools in your entire business. It’s your first impression! Most people have their mind made up with in the first 20 seconds whether they would hire you or not after scrolling through your website. This means your website needs to be awesome! Over the course of our five years in business and going through many websites ourselves, we have learned some important must haves!


1. Quickness

There is nothing more frustrating when you are checking out a photographer and none of their pictures load on their website. It’s important your website is fast and your file images are sized down so they will load quickly. People will not sit and wait for them to load!


2. Clean

Your website should feel clean and organized. Having some negative space is good! Don’t feel like everything has to have a design or special characters on it. Keep things simple so that your work stands out more!


3. Cohesive

Having a brand you filter things through is important. Your logo should represent your style but it doesn’t have to say everything! A simple logo is actually proven to leave a more lasting impression. Think of Tiffany and Co, Coach, Lexus, McDonald’s, Target. All of these logos are more iconic and simple. Stay away from crazy popular and busy fonts. Only use two fonts, have consistency in your colors and how you characterize your titles and paragraphs. Make sure your verbage all sounds the same. For example, if you want to sound personal carry that through every page!


4. Best of the Best

It is so important your images are only the best of the best on your website! Show only what you want to book more of and make sure every image fits inside of what you feel like defines your style and brand. Andrew and I have three words that define our style. They are honest, bold, and fearless. We use these three words to filter through our images. A great image must fall into at least two of the three words. If you can, try to show a variety of weddings and shoots. Let them know how much experience you have. Your portfolio should have at least 25 images in it.


5. Personality

9/10 times when we ask people why they booked us or inquired it’s because they felt a connection to US and liked our about page. Make sure your about page sounds less like a resume and more about who you are! Even if you don’t want a super personal business this is still important. Get rid of stiff text and just be you!


6. Navigation

Make sure the way your pages are set up that it is very easy to navigate. If someone wants to contact you it should be very clear to them how to do that. One of the things that has helped us immensely is putting buttons at the bottom of pages that we think they might head to next. Most people won’t click around if they have to scroll back up so the easier you make it the better.


7. Mobile Friendly

I am sure you know this but if your site doesn’t look great on a phone then it doesn’t look great for over half of the people who are looking at your site. There has been a huge shift to mobile devices! It’s so important your site looks equally as good on a mobile device as a desktop. Navigation is also key for a mobile site.


8. Scarcity

Let people know that there is no perfect time to inquire and that you can’t guarantee you’ll have their date. Communicate in some way that now is the time, that you have a few spots left, or that you don’t take every client that inquiries. Be real with people but let them know that you are not begging and waiting on them but rather they need to move if they want you.


9. Prices or not

Everyone has a different method they feel works when it comes to showing prices. Andrew and I have found for us that if we don’t have prices listed that we get a ton more emails and inquiries but most are only price checking us. We have decided to save those who are looking for a lower price range some time by at least always showing what our starting prices are. You should decide for yourself what works! The way we show our prices directly effects our inquires. If it’s silent,  try something different in this area!


10. SEO

I have seen some amazing sites that are just beautiful but have awful seo! What does this mean? That their site isn’t great for showing up on search engines. Google is one of the biggest search engines and makes a huge difference in your business depending on where you show up. It can be so tempting to go with a super cool website but if it is going to put me on page ten compared to two then it’s not worth it.  Truthfully, if you can’t be found it doesn’t matter how great your website  is. Find out if your website has built in SEO and if you can help make it better. Enter in your keywords and be consistent through out your website. Research a little on how you can help your seo.


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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