Reminded of our Beginning

February 16, 2015 , Personal


Reminded of our Beginning

For whatever reason I am feeling super sentimental today. I feel like we get stuck in a routine and we forget the power of what is happening in our lives. Andrew and I chose wedding photography because we knew it was something we could stand behind whole heartedly. Marriage is something that is almost impossible to describe. We know the feelings that build from dating, to the proposal, to planning a wedding, to finally being one. We also know the battles that marriage brings but more importantly we know the reward in sticking together through tough times. Andrew and I are two normal people. We are stuck in our ways, rub each other the wrong way, argue and then snuggle all in the same day. We do not have it all figured out and we never will. We are constantly growing, learning to communicate, learning what to never do again, and so on.

The fact we get to capture couples while they are engaged up until their wedding day is just unexplainable. When we first meet them with the new bling in hand we can’t help but smile ear to ear. Every time we hear how they met and and how he proposed it takes us back to our story. We love to see the way they look at each other and the way they talk. It gives us a perspective that most wouldn’t have. We are constantly reminded of our beginning. I wish everyone could be reminded of their beginning. The trust, the excitement, the look, the joy…
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Then the wedding day rolls around and Andrew and I think of who they were when we first met them. We saw the process of them slowly mending together. Now we get to stand with their families and friends and watch as three cords are tied together. Andrew and glance over at each other at the ceremony. I look at him and I catch him smiling, camera up to His face.. smiling. Their is no joy like wedding day joy. Sometimes I think how hard it would be if we didn’t have all of these weddings to remind us. We stand their every wedding and feel renewed in our vows to each other and reminded of our beginning. Standing their watching two become one reminds us how tight our strands are and that the argument we had the day before does not change a thing. Andrew and I run around the wedding day like secret praying agents. As I capture the bride putting her dress on I pray she is equipped with joy and peace. I pray as that gown straps over her that she feels the weight of His love in the room. I pray she feels chosen.. chosen by two. Our silent prayers go up all through the day.. prayers of thanksgiving for OUR marriage and prayers for this new two become one.


Weddings are notorious for being stressful. Andrew and I are firm believers that JOY is the first thing that tries to get stolen from a wedding day. Why is it that as soon as the ceremony is over everyone lets go and starts relaxing? They giggle, dance, and laugh. Reception photos used to not ignite me but now that I see the relaxation after “She is mine.” and “He is mine” I cant wait to capture the joy that follows. Bride and groom portraits are my absolute favorite because they can finally rest in the fact that they are officially united as man and wife. They have those first few minutes alone and it is the most candid raw moments you will find.

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All I know is marriage is beautiful. I am so thankful for every couple that we get to meet. As they sit on our couch for the first time.. they start to stir something with in us. We are blessed to have every couple to remind us of our beginning. I am so thankful that we get to witness so many peoples day one and watch the process of them being molded together. Marriage isn’t easy but the reward that comes with the hard work far surpasses anything. I am so thankful that Andrew and I know at the pit of who we are that we are CHOSEN.. We chose each other.. and He chose us. Thankful. We are so thankful that we get to do this.

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy


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