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October 27, 2015 , Business Tip Tuesday


Renew Night | Significance of Community | Columbus Photography 

Andrew and I can not say this enough, we are so extremely grateful for community. We always thought we knew the importance while in Pittsburgh but our move to Columbus has quickly made us realize how much MORE community actually can be. We moved to Columbus knowing very few in the local industry. Because of the community over competition movement, and other local groups, we know more local photographers and creatives in our city than we ever did in Pittsburgh. We have had breakfast dates, coffee dates, lunch dates, all kinds of dates, lol.. with people in our area who are like minded. We feel so very fortunate.

Our business was one of the areas we really felt like was the biggest LEAP and that we should just trust that God would take care of it. Though we are not bursting out the seems with business here in Columbus, we are seeing small glimmers of hope and receiving so much encouragement. I can’t describe to you how I would feel during this transition if it WEREN’T for all of the groups and networking events we have been a part of. I have found creatives in our city who have the same heart and mind for not just their businesses, but their lives. We have found couples we can’t wait to get together with over dinner and the list goes on.

One of the things Andrew and I have really been thinking about is how we can serve our local community and pour into it like it pours into us. Andrew and I are two people that are constantly forward focused. I would say vision is one of our strongest characteristics as a couple and not just in our business but in our marriage and life. With all the people we have chatted with, we have found a common thread. Most are feeling the pressure, are overwhelmed, tired, stressed out, and some are just losing hope in their business. Andrew and I are so passionate about the business aspect of photography but more than anything we are passionate about the hearts IN the business. We want to encourage and equip others so that they can stand through any storm in their business. Did you catch that? Not that your business would stand the storm.. but that YOU would! We want to see people fully alive in what they do AND fully alive in every area of their life.

SO with all of that being said we are excited to team up with two local photographers, Ashley West Photography and KariMe Photography on Thursday, January 7th @ 6:00pm in Pickerington,OH. Our hope is that by sharing stories, words of encouragement, and practical advice, that you can walk away feeling renewed for 2016. Tickets will go on sale THIS Thursday and they are JUST $50! For more details, check back on Thursday morning!


We can’t wait for this night to come because we know the power of doing things together. Laying aside competition, comparison, and even jealousy can be so challenging but it brings a greater reward than I can explain. Instead of the mentality of competition that leads you no where, you will gain relationships that become vital in your business and in your life. Us three photographers believe in coming together and helping each other along the way and we hope you do too!

Get ready Columbus! Tickets go on sale in just two days and we hope you will be there!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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