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November 24, 2015 , Business Tip Tuesday



Boy do we know this! Andrew and I have had our share of other photographers ripping on us or someone else in the industry. We have had people fashion lies in their head that we are stealing clients, that we hate them, and the list goes on. Andrew and I have always been hands out towards other photographers and community is important to us. We have developed a mentality now as situations come up and it helps our people pleasing minds find peace.
1. It’s not you 
The biggest thing we have realized is that those that point and blame have way more issues than you. The only reason they pick at other people is when their insecure in themselves. Why would a photographer who was confident in their business and NOT fearful talk so badly about another photographer? The truth is usually they feel threatened and it’s not your fault. I have wanted to close up shop just because I have felt so bad for others. That’s not the way it should be. At the end of the day know that if it weren’t you it would be someone else. When someone is afraid and not confident in their business a new photographer in the area is going to freak them out every time .
2. Respond in love
We have found that we always give things time but when a situation has come up we have always chosen to respond in love and with an extended hand. Kill them with kindness! Don’t stoop down to that level and when an opportunity arises to respond.. Choose love! This works! One of my very best friends was someone who disliked me being a photographer for a long time. I continued to reach out and talk and encourage her and now I have a great friendship because of it. Be the first to reach out! Send a gift card, or write an encouraging letter.
3. Focus on YOU
Focus on yourself and trust that every client you get YOU are meant to have. Whether your clients jump around or say someone doesn’t choose you, it’s not on you. Trust that all things meant to be happen and that you are following that arrow of yours. If we followed every up and down of clients and what other photographers do, we would all be spent. That is a tiring way to live. Instead, rejoice in the clients you have and focus on doing what you do best.
Sharing, serving, and celebrating,
Andrew + Chrissy
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