Running LATE | Bride Tip

January 16, 2017 , Bride Tips


Running LATE | Bride Tip

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As most of you know, we take a pretty hands-on approach with our clients. We learn as much about their wedding as we can so we can best prepare a timeline and know how to move forward through the day as professionally as possible. We always plan the timeline with our couples and try to best prepare them so that they are NEVER running late throughout their day. One of the things we find we say on REPEAT during that meeting is this the ONE thing: schedule your hair and makeup EARLY.

Most of our brides come to the timeline meeting with a scheduled hair appointment and makeup and they think it is MORE than enough time. Nine times of out of ten it is NOT. Now, hear me out. We love HAIR and makeup artists. We highly encourage couples to use a PROFESSIONAL in both areas for your wedding day because it looks best for camera. You may know how you like your hair and makeup day to day, but you also haven’t paid a good chunk of money for a photographer every day. How you THINK you look is not at all how you look on camera and most professionals know exactly what to do to make you look best for our cameras. With that being said. Hair and makeup artists are the NUMBER ONE reason weddings run behind.

Most brides do a trial run and think that how long the trial run took is exactly how long it will be on their wedding day. FALSE! There are many factors: did they wash and dry? Were they set up, will their set-up be different? Will they be working on multiple people? We always recommend to our brides to just double the time they SAY it will take to be safe. There are some situations where things run smoothly, but in our personal opinion they are so rare. Our last two weddings of the year, both brides we suggested to change their hair appointments to earlier and they insisted it was fine. I also told them I was going to blog about this and use them as examples so no worries haha. Both ladies on their wedding days ended up running an hour to an hour-and-a-half late because of their HAIR. Both girls were feeling the pressure, but thankfully Andrew and I know how to work in these situations and kept on reassuring them we would still be able to move along with the day just fine and get what we need because we can work quickly. And we did. It is not IDEAL for us to have to slam pictures into a 10 or 20-minute window that was supposed to be longer (45 minutes+), but we CAN do it. The thing we couldn’t do though is prevent them from feeling that stress of being late and losing their minds over the fact it was out of their control.

The thing with running late is once you feel the pressure and have that rush, it can be really hard after to shake the feelings. For some reason you feel a little more stressed about everything and like you are chasing tail all day. We really try to encourage people to pad their schedules as best as they can so that they NEVER have to feel that stress or worry and truly enjoy their day. So ladies. Schedule those appointments EARLIER and NO, you are not crazy for making it that early!

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