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November 29, 2016 , Wedding


Today is our last FULL day in Salt Lake City but we have one more big adventure planned for the morning. We have so enjoyed the last few days exploring Park City, UT and Salt Lake City. This whole trip we have just been taking in the fact that we are in Salt Lake City all because of photography. It really is an amazing thing though I feel like in the creative world we get used to all the travel. When we look at all the places this business has taken us we can’t help but feel completely humbled. We have made it to California, North Carolina, New York, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Connecticut and more. The fact that someone chose us and appreciates not just our work but us as people is an amazing thing, let alone when they want you to come all the way across the country.

I want to save some stories for the big wedding blog coming soon but I will give you a little update outside of the wedding. We flew out Friday morning. 2016-11-28_0001Andrew’s twin sister dropped us off at the airport and took our Emmy girl to meet Andrews brothers wife half way to PA. We haven’t seen our girl since 7am on Friday! We arrived in Utah at 1:30pm MT and of course had to jump right out and see the sign!


Friday we met with Kelsie to go over the wedding day timeline and brush up on the details of all the day. They had a BIG day with over 14 hours of coverage! We had so much to catch up on and make sure we were all on the same page. Kelsie is very organized and had everything together so it was easy to work through! From there we ended up at the Apple store for 2 hours trying to fix our MacBook. It ended up getting completely cleaned out and restarted, thank God for back up hard drives!


Saturday was a full day shooting so Sunday we slept in and then headed out to Park City, UT. We loved driving around looking at the homes and mountains. I kept joking that everything felt like a Hallmark Christmas movie. 2016-11-28_0003 2016-11-28_0006 2016-11-28_0007 2016-11-28_0008 2016-11-28_0009 2016-11-28_0010

Andrew wanted to stop at every art gallery we saw but I managed to whine my way out of a few of them! Ha! Some of them were truly amazing and we found some amazing photographers here in the area that had galleries. It was very cool to see all the landscape out here through their eyes. 2016-11-28_0011 2016-11-28_0012 2016-11-28_0013 2016-11-28_0014 2016-11-28_0015 2016-11-28_0016

We headed back to Salt Lake City so we could see the lights! Temple Square is where we shot Daniel and Kelsie’s wedding. They decorate like crazy their and it is a site to see! We took lots of pictures and have a Facebook Live video on our page from when we walked through! 2016-11-28_0017 2016-11-28_0018 2016-11-28_0019 2016-11-28_0020 2016-11-28_0021 2016-11-28_0022 2016-11-28_0023 2016-11-28_0024 2016-11-28_0025 2016-11-28_0026 2016-11-28_0027 2016-11-28_0028 2016-11-28_0029 2016-11-28_0030

Despite our website crashing, computer crashing, and all the other technology things that have happened to us we have made a point to get out of the hotel and catch all that we can. This is a beautiful city and we are so looking forward to tomorrow’s adventure!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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