Slow Down and Breathe It In {Moments of Grace in Transition}

May 22, 2015 , Personal


Slow Down and Breathe It In {Moments of Grace in Transition}


We are just seven weeks out from moving to Ohio and it is coming like a whirlwind. We knew it was going to be crazy to move in middle of wedding season, but we didn’t quite get it. I feel like because we are so focused on shooting weddings we are completely forgetting that we are moving. Not completely because we are packing and doing small things around the house, but emotionally I am not sure we have time to process it all. My mind is racing with all of the work that needs done so much that I have caught myself not savoring the moments we have left here. I was cleaning the house in a scurry this morning to get everything done before we leave for Jacksonville in two days…and I  felt like I needed to pause and listen for a minute. I was swiftly vacuuming and just trying to get it done and I reminded myself that I won’t get to vacuum these floors much longer. Seems silly, but I love to clean this house because I love the feeling it gives me when it is done. It is such beautiful house. But what I have realized the most is that in these moments I am taking everything in… it is not the house I am so in love with. It is not cleaning the house I love.. it is so much more than that.

I love the way the sun shines in the windows in Emlyn’s room in the morning. I love the creaky sound of the stairs when Emlyn runs up and down them. I hear the shower go on at 7 a.m. Monday through  Thursday when Andrew showers and I take it in.. All the sounds and experiences I am becoming more aware of are making me realize just what I love. I love us. I love our family. I love hearing her.. him. They are truly the meaning of home. We may be leaving this place and I am sad in many ways. I am going to miss our friends and family. I am going to miss Greensburg Salem football games, I am going to miss my photography coffee and breakfast friends. I am going to miss this house. But I am realizing that what I love most is us. I love that God has knitted our crazy little unit together and he had all of us in mind when He created us.

I am going to keep slowing down, pausing, and taking it in. Though we are all going together.. I want to experience US right here.. in this place. Slowing down and breathing it all in. Life changes so quickly. Just three years ago I was pacing this neighborhood waiting for Emlyn to arrive. Where does it go? What was I doing? I want to remember.. I don’t want to rush through life and not take things in.. If I rush I won’t find those sweet moments of His grace… Emlyn running up and down the stairs… the sunrise shining through the windows..they are all Him and thankfully He goes everywhere.

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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