Stanley and Marie {Brand Launch Day}

June 10, 2015 , Wedding


Stanley and Marie {Brand Launch Day}

Over a year ago I started working with a lot more photographers to help rebrand their business. My most recent project was with Jackson Signature Photography. I have to say though that this particular rebrand really made me fall in love with branding and the process all over again. When Stanley and Marie first started talking to me we had some ideas of what to use to represent them but nothing seemed to stick. The designs I kept coming up with just seemed to not be It. They weren’t bad but did they really fit perfect with who they were? No. So we dug deeper and Marie remembered that they had been giving their clients a jar of honey as a gift. Turns out that honey represented their three business words so well! It was meant to be and we ran with it! It is so rewarding to know this brand is exactly who they are.

We are so excited for these two and we believe that this is just the beginning. They are so eager to learn about everything from photography to business. We have gotten together with them one on one for mentoring sessions and they also attended our workshop in March! We are so honored that these two have been following us along the way and we love being able to pour into them NOW. We find it so important to encourage newer photographers right where they are at.

So with out further waiting… Head over to their Facebook, Instagram, and website and be sure to give them some serious love!

We loved that not only did we get to rebrand these two but we got to do a session to go with their new branding! These two were complete naturals and it was amazing. Can you imagine once they get engaged? Yup, they are not married but it will happen people. These two are meant to be!


This is what their home page looks like on their site! The honeycomb idea came together almost right away when I heard the word honey. This has to be one of the easiest concepts I have ever created because these two really nailed down what they like and who they are!









With most of our branding kits we always include their logo in several different variations. This purpose is so they have a logo that works with all different purposes like stationary, screen, signs, and more.


This last picture is my favorite. I think it leads me with… we will see so much more of this story. You only see half of them just like we only see the beginning of them. I know these two are going to grow into something so much greater than they think. Thanks for choosing me you two for this project and more than anything.. Thanks for being our friends!


If you are interested in having me, Chrissy, rebrand your business please shoot us an email for more information at! If you book this week off of a referral of Stanley and Marie we will be offering a few discounts! We would love to help you and give you a brand to fall in love with!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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