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September 21, 2017 , Personal


Wow! So much has happened since our last blog! I have been wanting to blog now since last week and I kept thinking about where I should start. There is just so much to tell! For now I am going to summarize everything and catch you all up to speed as best as I can! I’m going to start where we left off!

We MOVED! Oh my gosh country life from legit downtown city life is a big change and a needed one at that! The moment we moved in I felt rest. We live on a busier road in Granville but even at that it is so much different out here. We have deer in our yard every evening around 6pm. We have spiders the size of fifty cent pieces. We hear crickets all through the night. Our well water has a different smell to it and who know you had to add salt into your water?? Lol! The week we moved in it was getting into the 40’s at night so we used our wood-burner and LOVED IT! It made our whole house smell like a bonfire which I imagine some wouldn’t like but Andrew and I loved! We have so much space in our house it is unreal. I have lost every device and child at least twice since living here. Going from 900 square feet to 1965 square feet not including our basement is a big change.


One of my favorite things about the house so far is that we have a sitting area in front of a fire place that has no tv in it. In our 8 years of marriage we have never had sitting furniture with out a tv. We have found ourselves in this room so much more than we thought. We pick it over our living room sectional. It’s my favorite room in the house. Truth be told, I really can’t wait for Christmas to decorate it all!

One week after we moved in we had our only double header weekend of the year. With kids I can say I am glad we didn’t book more of those but also… Andrew and I actually really like shooting two in a row. We have learned how to prepare for them and they actually feel fun! We traveled to PA Friday morning and back Friday night. Then drove to Urbana Saturday morning and back home Saturday night! We had the absolute dream team as sitters for our girls and they did so good. Thanks Shelby and Lily! Both weddings were amazing and had a country feel with a more eclectic twist. Our Friday wedding was at the beautiful Lingrow Farms and will be our first full wedding post coming on Monday! Our Saturday wedding was a long time friend of mine and was an amazing day to be a part of. It was in Urbana where Grant grew up attending and then on her family farm for the reception. Which was astonishing. Get this. Her family owns 1000 acres in Mechanicsburg,OH! We couldn’t even fathom it but we tried! Seriously so beautiful! Their blog will be coming at you on Tuesday!

Ok so let’s back track here for a second. The Friday we moved in which was the 8th of September. We took just small loads over to the house with our cars. There is a small step up into our kitchen and I realized I left the keys to the car on the counter. I walked up into the kitchen and then forgot there was a step back down and fell. I was all by myself because everyone was outside and I screamed. I knew it was bad when it happened. I cried, swore a few times and then took a deep breath and pretty much convinced myself I had to be ok with weddings coming and moving the next day. While we were moving I was in a ton of pain but just kept walking and ignoring it. Saturday night I went to bed and Sunday it felt so much better. No swelling or bruising really. Friday when I did it, it looked pretty gross. So I thought well it’s getting better so I am not going to go. I noticed it hurting when I would touch it but it wasn’t too bad to walk on so I just figured I’d keep an eye on it.

After standing on it for two days straight at the weddings I realized.. yeah this probably isn’t normal. My toes were going numb and I couldn’t bend my foot or move it to the left. So I decided that when I got home I would need to go see a doctor. Sunday was busy recuperating so Monday morning I went to the urgent care by Emlyn’s kindergarten. I was shocked but not shocked when they came in and said I have been walking on a broken foot for ten days. Yikes! It’s chipped off and fractured. Today I head to the orthopedic to find out exactly what my recovery looks like. For now I have crutches and a soft cast and I sure pray I can have a boot because it is highly unlikely for me to not put pressure on it. Carrying a baby with one leg or crutches is not a task I feel like trying.

So between editing and culling 6,000 wedding photos, shooting several real estate houses, and more shooting this weekend.. the business is keeping us busy. Throw in a broken foot and a house we are still putting together with a baby and a four year old and you have some madness. But hey! Life would be boring right?

Ahhhhh! I wouldn’t do it any different. Broken foot and all. It’s all good. Andrew and I have so much to be thankful for and choosing gratitude is pretty easy for us right now.

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy


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