Stop Sitting Back {Business Tip Tuesday}

April 14, 2015 , Business Tip Tuesday


Stop Sitting Back {Business Tip Tuesday}



Almost every photographer we have mentored mentions with in the first 10 minutes about a photographer who has treated them badly. Most seem kind of timid and afraid in their work because it has been judged so harshly. It really breaks my heart.  I find that no matter what you have haters. When we first started, of course we got the emails and messages stating we had no business in the industry. Now the same thing happens except it sounds a little different. It sounds like “They aren’t as good as every thinks.” or “I can’t believe they charge what they do.” etc.. Naysayers are always going to be around. I often tell myself this.

 “If there is RESISTANCE, I must be doing something right.”

I don’t want this to be a depressing post about all the trolls out there but what I want to do is bring some perspective. I am challenging myself with this too. When I first received a negative message from a photographer it drove me crazy for nearly a year. I couldn’t believe someone was picking on me so early. It took me a year to realize that I was living in fear. Every picture I posted I wondered what they thought… Every client I got I wondered if it was their previous client.. I wondered who I was making mad and how I could fix it. Finally I realized that I couldn’t go on like that. I realized that I had to swallow it whole and reach out to this person. It took everything with in me but I did it. I expressed my heart to them and thanked them for inspiring me and I even encouraged them. The craziest thing happened.. we became friends. Really good friends.


Sometimes we have to swallow things and as some would say “get over ourselves”. We have to realize that no matter what we are always going to find trolls and naysayers in our midst but what defines US is how we react to them.

The words they speak do NOT define you but how you REACT to them WILL!

So I challenge you.. Don’t sit back anymore. Go out there and love on the people who have been hard to love. Extend a hand to the ones you are afraid of. I really believe that the people that can be the HARDEST to start a good relationship with are the MOST beneficial relationships for you. That first step is so hard but the reward of knowing you did the right thing and served with out expectation is priceless.

So go. Send a card. Write an email. Send a Starbucks card. Do whatever you feel necessary to those you worry about not liking you or judging your work. Don’t sit back anymore and be swallowed by fear. Fear is a major creativity block. You will be doing something for yourself, and for them.

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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