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November 20, 2015 , Business


Studio East Main | Branding and Design


Every year when wedding season slows down I start to take on more graphic design work. Last year I rebranded several photographers and designed logos, business cards and more. Every year this area seems to increase for me and it is something I love doing. The problem is I have never had an official pricing sheet because I didn’t really include it as part of my business. I have found that I need to draw some clear lines for this so that I can handle it professionally and to help manage it better. So, I decided to really think on this area and this is what I came up with.

I decided to separate my graphic design work from photography completely. As most of you know, wedding season makes us crazy busy and I can only design November-April generally. For now, I will mostly be accepting clients during those months but once the business allows I would love to hire on someone to help maintain the business through out the year.

If you are looking to change your brand, start a business, or just need some advice.. check out this new venture and see if I can be of assistance to you!


Studio East Main! 

This name is inspired from a long line of family business. My parents own a pizza shop on East Main Street in Reynoldsburg,OH and it has been there for 55+ years. Now, my office is up stairs on the second floor and I love incorporating my parents business into my own. It is where all my design work is done and hopefully one day I will meet clients there as well.

For more info, head over there!

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