Sweet endings and new beginnings... {Photographers Meet-Up}

July 9, 2015 , Business


Sweet endings and new beginnings… {Photographers Meet-Up}


My dear friend Amy.. take a deep breath. I am going to be honest this stinks. It stinks that I have made so many AMAZING connections and relationships and NOW it is time to go. But I am ok with it.. I know this is what is MEANT to happen but I would be lying if I didn’t admit to kicking my feet from time to time. Amy is the type of girl I could meet with every week and we could always have more to talk about. To say I love her is an understatement. Her and I have been getting together pretty regularly since February or earlier. We discuss business, ministry, life.. we talk about it all. It has been so refreshing to have someone who sees things the way I do.. especially when it comes to business. I have shared a lot on our blog and with her about my heart to serve not just clients but other local photographers. Amy has done this for years and just has never got the credit for it where it was due. She has mentored and poured into other ladies for many years and she will continue!

I think somewhere along the way I re-sparked her passion to get out there and conquer the mentality of competition and instead develop community. As most of you know, I did not create this movement.. If you don’t know Pursuit, or Natalie Franke, The Rising Tide, Shoot and Share, etc… and the list goes on.. those are the places I have learned and been shaped into this passion. Check them out for more info! It was such a joy to my heart to hear she wanted to put together a meet up for photographers and it was just in time for us to stop by before the big move. Amy did an incredible job organizing and her mom decorated like a boss! I am so proud of this lady and I know she is going to lead this community to further places. A community that serves will go a long way.

Side note.. It was so cool to see different photographers from our workshop in March, some of the ones we have crossed paths with over the years, AND to meet so many new faces! I am super excited to see what comes from these meet-ups and I want to give Amy a huge hand clap for putting herself out there and leading this area with the heart to serve. I joke with her that I am passing the baton to her but really she has been running this race all along. I am so grateful for this sweet lady and just because we are moving does not mean it is goodbye! I can’t wait to come back and visit and for her to come see us in Ohio.

And all you PA photographers… We are still here for community for you guys and happy to help in any way we can! Don’t hesitate to shoot us a message or work out a get together with us while we are in town!










Be sure to stop over to see Amy and give her some love!

Sharing, serving, and CELEBRATING,

Andrew + Chrissy

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