The Athletic Club of Columbus Styled Shoot | Behind the Scenes

April 8, 2016 , Behind the scenes


The Athletic Club of Columbus Styled Shoot | Behind the Scenes

You guys! We are overwhelmed at the response from this shoot and couldn’t be more thrilled with the feedback. We knew WE thought it was amazing but it feels good to know others agree. Today we will let you come behind the scenes of the shoot and see all the handwork that went into it all. Maybe you are familiar with styled shoots or maybe you are like my mom who showed up and said “Congratulations!” to the couple and asked how many people attended the wedding! HAHA! We proceeded to explain the concept of a styled shoot but we know it can be VERY foreign! So FIRST lets talk about WHY! We have so many reasons WHY we felt a styled shoot would be a good idea.

1. Portfolio

Not just the fact of having PICTURES for our portfolio but having IDEAL pictures. Photos that attract clients we get REALLY excited about. Let me be real with you. I am not a country girl. Some barn weddings and mountain inspired weddings just aren’t going to be “our” thing. It doesn’t mean we won’t enjoy it but we would love to attract clients that LOVE the same things we love as well. A styled shoot is a great way to put together something that showcases the style YOU want to attract. For every vendor involved it was SUPER exciting because they got to decorate, make cakes, floral arrangements, and more all around things they would LOVE to do and not just what they were hired to do. It gave them an opportunity as well to showcase some the things they LOVE to do that they may not have in the portfolio. It is exciting to think that they could potentially attract clients that love THESE photos and the flowers they see, etc and then they get a client who wants something that just makes them GUSH!

2. Community

I think we would have done this shoot if this were the ONLY benefit. Simply making connections and building relationships with vendors is worth it! Working alongside of Perfectly Planned gave us a great idea of how they do things and helped build a relationship between us. The florist met us for the first time that day and we were stunned by the quality and talent they brought. We felt honored to KNOW them and be a part of what they were doing and that felt good. Leigh Zeidner was a true sweetheart and I am so thankful for this shoot because we got to meet her and work alongside of her. There is so much encouragement in all of this that I could never explain it enough. This was worth it just to make friends!

3. Exposure

Exposure is not the end all BE all but it is a big pro to doing a shoot. Simply being able to tag 10-16 people in every post is mind blowing and gives you huge exposure. For us we hope to be featured as well and whatever magazine, blog, etc that accepts our submission.. That is going to be huge for everyone involved! The other area I am loving is that is exposing us to OTHER vendors. We have received so many comments and messages from others in the wedding industry and I think that helps us moving forward with credibility.

4. New Market/ Growing Market

For us we knew Columbus knew nothing of Andrew + Chrissy Photography. We have been a Pittsburgh based team so we can’t expect Columbus just to know us right away, we have to work for it. We thought a styled shoot would a be a great way to get the word out there, meet vendors, get familiar with the venues we would like to shoot at, and get our feet wet in a new city. Whether you are new, starting, or need more exposure this is a great way to get to know your market and shoot at those places you are dreaming about!


So how did this all happen? Well here is the short story. I knew we wanted to do a shoot and my path crossed with Natasha from Perfectly Planned. I thought with them being a newer business they might like the idea of planning a styled shoot as well to help them with their portfolio, exposure, etc. Of course they were on board and I was stoked. I am so not a planner when it comes to this industry and was feeling overwhelmed by not knowing Columbus vendors. Natasha and Katelyn jumped right in. I put together an initial Pinterest board of what I was hoping for and the girls put their own twist on it. All of the vendors were on board with the theme and took off on their own direction. Prema Designs and Natasha compared their styling plans and they were almost identical. The look came together flawlessly!


Photo below is a still from Leigh Zeidner Pictures.
2016-04-07_0009.jpgThe following five photos below are also stills from Leigh Zeidner Pictures.

Another side note… We just upgraded ALL of our equipment and this was the first time we got to use it all at once. We changed our flash setup, cameras, lenses, memory cards, batteries. We were super stoked to get to work through all of the kinks before our first wedding of the year this weekend!
2016-04-07_0019.jpgPhoto below is a still from Leigh Zeidner Pictures.

Photo below is a still from Leigh Zeidner Pictures.

Again, here is the list of all the fabulous vendors involved!

Andrew + Chrissy Photography –

Alaina Cherup – Stationary – Cheer Up Press –

B Rose Beauty Bar- Hair and Makeup –

Leigh Zeidner – Videographer –

La Jeune Mariee – Dress-

Romanoff’s Classic Tuxedo –

Prema Designs – Floral-

Got ya Covered – Linens/Rentals –

Cakes Creatively by Crystal –

Lovely Grain Studio- Cake Topper –

The Athletic Club of Columbus- Venue-

Sarah Buchsieb and Tommy Streit- Models

Perfectly Planned Events -Design/Styling –


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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