The Battle Against Compromise | Business Tip Tuesday

March 1, 2016 , Business Tip Tuesday


The Battle Against Compromise | Business Tip Tuesday


With comparison at the forefront and the insecurities welling up as you think about your dreams it can be the easier route to just compromise. What am I talking about? You have these desires that are burning on the inside of you but you battle the feelings of maybe not feeling worth it. Or maybe you are simply surrounded by people who tell you that those dreams inside are no good. Andrew and I are excited to be speaking tonight at a local photographers group about this and we didn’t want you to miss out on it! So there are two things we need to look at here to understand where we are coming from. First off lets figure out what those dreams even are and second what is the job of compromise? So lets dive into those dreams of yours for a second!


  1. POSITIVE THINKING- Maybe you are sitting there saying I don’t have any dreams. It is funny how much our mind can suppress those dreams. I have found the more I speak positively about myself TO myself the more I awaken the real dreams I have inside. Sometimes we think too poorly of ourselves to even allow our dreams to come to a realization. The first step is to start thinking more positively and find some confidence. I guarantee the more you believe in yourself the more dreams that will awaken!
  2. WHAT MAKES YOU COME ALIVE- Ask yourself this… What makes you come alive? What can you not get enough of? If you had something scheduled for an entire day and you wake up that morning and your feet can’t hit the floor fast enough…What is on your schedule that day?
  3. WHAT IS NOT- Ask yourself.. What depletes me? What takes all the energy away from me? These things are for sure NOT what your dreams are made of! Now, with in a dream there can be things that need delegated and that is different. I don’t like bookkeeping so I hired someone to do it for me.. But my passion still stands.

Ok lets move onto the meaning and job of compromise!


The definition of compromise is to accept standards that are lower than is desirable. I love that definition because I think as creatives we can so easily undervalue ourselves and creep down to lower standards! Can anyone say pricing?? That is the biggest battle I hear with entrepreneurs.. Am I charging enough? If I raise my prices I will lose all my clients! What is your worth? Are you settling for less than that?

Here are some things compromise whispers to you.

  1. You aren’t good enough!
  2. You will fail so lets just not do that!
  3. Not right now, maybe later!
  4. Someone else can do that! There is no room for me anyway!
  5. But what if no one else believes in me!

Andrew and I believe with a FIERY passion that we are all created with a dream inside. Not a dream that you settle for, or even something that is easy. We believe that this life is meant to be lived abundantly! If life is meant to be lived abundantly than the attacker of an abundant life is the those lies we believe that cause us to compromise. Constantly telling you that you aren’t enough when in fact you are made for immeasurably more! We start to believe those lies and we settle, we take the bait of compromise and our dreams get shifted to the back burner yet again. Andrew and I have found that so many people have a dream they just lack the confidence and have simply settled for something that is comfortable, or in most cases.. pays the bills.

“Make careful exploration of who you ARE
 and the work you have been GIVEN,
 and then sink yourself into that.
 Don’t be impressed with yourself.
 Don’t compare yourself with others…
Each of you must take responsibility
for doing the creative best you can
 with YOUR OWN LIFE.” Galatians 6:4-5

What is the work that has been GIVEN to you? What is this dream of yours that YOU were made for? Don’t believe that lie that there is no room for you because there is. MORE than enough room for you. In fact there is a place for you that only you can feel and it sits empty until you step out. You are UNIQUE and you have a separate purpose inside your dream that someone else doesn’t have! You also have a WHY behind those dreams. Why do this.. because your kids.. your spouse.. those people watching.. you want to show them that your dreams are worth fighting for! Maybe your why is because your parents gave up on your dreams and you don’t want to do that too. YOU are called for more and you have been GIVEN a work and it is your opportunity and freedom to get creative with it and take responsibility. Don’t let compromise trick you. Take responsibility and start believing in yourself again!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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