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March 22, 2016 , Business Tip Tuesday



Sometimes we do things out of the wrong motives. I am cutting straight to the point today. If your passions and dreams can be altered because of what someone ELSE thinks or does.. your motive is wrong. I get asked this a lot… “WHY photography?” THERE ARE SO MANY PHOTOGRAPHERS.. so why? I also meet many photographers who say they recently quit photography or don’t push themselves because there are too many others out there.  It makes me sad. At the end of the day I want to know I pushed myself to do the best I can at the things I love…. not because of what everyone else thinks but because it is what I know I should walk into that day. It is what I was created for. So how do you stand with confidence that this is THE BEST YOU? How do you have the strength to not alter what you were called to do because of someone else.

If you KNOW that what you are doing is something that you were MADE for, wouldn’t you want to give it your all? Don’t you agree that probably everything in the world is going to try to stop you from doing it? Just because life has a way of throwing resistance our way does not mean we just try less or give up. It means we try harder! It means we are doing something right. If Andrew and I’s primary focus was on all of the whispers in our life that try to tell us NOT to do photography we would have quit before we began. We would have RAN! BUT because there are things that tell us over and over again WHY WE SHOULD DO photography and those things speak louder, we choose to quiet the harsh and negative words that we hear. The impact we COULD have is greater than the bad things that COULD happen.

So maybe you think the industry you are in is oversaturated. Maybe you feel like you will never get anywhere so why try? I hear your heart but let me challenge you to dig deeper. Who are you REALLY doing this for? If you are doing it for the nay-sayers, to look like someone you compare yourself to, or to get people off your back you will give up in a minute! What is your WHY in your business? If you want to do well at your passion and live a life of chasing your dreams for your children… isn’t that louder than fighting an oversaturated competitive market? If you want to do it to make a difference in someones life, shine a light maybe… isn’t that louder than that one person in your ear saying this is a bad idea? For us we know the impact we have on people and the change we make is so much bigger than all the other things whispered in our ears.

We want to do this business well NOT because we want to make ourselves stand out, or we think our work is amazing, or because we are all about ourselves. We do it because we believe we are called to create life change and empower those around us by shining the light and simply serving people. We trust that by doing our business with excellence HE will bring us the ones He has for us to reach… and HE DOES. We also know that by giving our passions our all and loving what we do.. we are creating a mindset for our children and our children’s children.. that they too can reach their dreams and do well at what ever they want.

So what is this all about? Don’t give-up. Don’t shrink back. Don’t think there is no room for you because there is. There are people waiting for you to be the best you that you can be and the time is now!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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