The Hustle {Real Life Update}

September 30, 2015 , Behind the scenes


The Hustle {Real Life Update}


I LOVE to be busy! I am the kind of person that keeps on saying YES and later realizing I took on too much. Have you ever heard the saying “My eyes were bigger than my stomach?” I always put too much food on my plate thinking I can eat it all and usually I CAN’T! I think I have this same problem with life sometimes. Honestly, I don’t even think I would change things if I could. There is nothing I want to go back and say no to. I am having fun BUT I am feeling the hustle!

We are smack in the middle of our craziest month stretch YET! We just returned from North Carolina from our FIRST ever destination wedding! It was SO much fun. The weather was the most challenging wedding weather yet that we have faced BUT I am really proud with what we produced despite the challenges. Traveling 10-11 hours there and back as a family alone is tiring but then to be there, shoot a wedding, and turn around the next day.. crazy! Now we are home and just dropped our sweet girl off at her first day of preschool! Wheeewww!



Emlyn has T-ball on Thursday, we have a Friday wedding here in Columbus, and then I have a conference on Saturday! Emlyn’s birthday is on Saturday and her party is on Sunday! We will turn around and leave for PA on Tues/Weds for two engagement sessions, one senior session, one family session, and a wedding consult ALL in two days! Can you say crazy? I know.. and I think this is totally normal! Lol!

Listen, I am not complaining but I want to be real with you!  That crazy schedule I listed does not mean we are “successful” or that we are doing “good”. This is just crazy! I am actually EXCITED for wedding season to break just so I can settle in to Ohio with my family and find a routine of life here. I never thought I would feel that way. I LOVE LOVE wedding photography and I am actually addicted to the whole thing.. but right now my heart is so set on finding our new normal as a family.. Not as Andrew + Chrissy Photography but as Andrew, Chrissy and Emlyn Logesky. That is what matters.

So many people keep saying to us how successful we look, and the business is growing, and how GOOD we look like we are doing.. but the truth is we have nothing if we don’t have each other. We are a family first and foremost and this business thing is SO FUN and it is a huge PART of our life.. but it is not our everything. Right now business is swinging us in to overdrive and my heart is hungry for quality family time and a routine of life. I want to pick pumpkins with my family, paint pictures with my girl, and explore our new city together.

So, don’t put all your eggs into what you DO but instead find joy and satisfaction in what you have around you.. In who YOU are and WHO you have in your life. The truth is we are extremely blessed and have a business that is growing and we are excited and know God has big things for us.. But put the business aside and we are still GREAT.. We are still blessed and having each other and enjoying life together is what matters.

So from the crazy lady running with a hustle like no other… Take a deep breath and know you are valuable. Not what you do. But YOU. Your business or trade does not define how good life is going for you. Count those blessings around you and be grateful.

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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