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April 17, 2017 , Personal


So there is a story we didn’t share with you because we were waiting until the story released on the news! Yup, we made it to the news and it was the most random thing we have ever experienced. Monday, March 27th @ 3:30AM we delivered Aydah and Tuesday, March 28th @ 10:00AM they discharged us from the hospital. It was super fast! When I found out we would be delivering at Grant Hospital I instantly told Andrew “THE ROOSEVELT!” We talked about how Andrew could run over every morning we were in the hospital and get some coffee for us. We made this plan when we were just two months pregnant! Well, we really only spent a night in the hospital so our morning coffee run never got to happen. When we got discharged Tuesday we headed straight over to The Roosevelt. Yup, 29 hours after having a baby we were sitting at The Roosevelt with one of our good friends and our one day old baby drinking coffee!

But that wasn’t the craziest part! As my friend and I were standing there ordering coffee I realized I lost Andrew. I look over and he is just looking at the baby while he sits at the table. I kept trying to get his attention to make sure I knew what coffee he wanted but he was too in awe of little baby Aydah. The barista noticed my hospital bands and me yelling at Andrew and said ” Did you just have a baby?” I replied, “Yeah, she is two days old, no she is ONE day old!” Even I didn’t realize how crazy we were lol! Then I look behind him and I realize that we were being recorded by NBC4. He starts  telling me that NBC4 was there to do a story on them so just to act natural. UMM natural? I just had a baby yesterday! I wasn’t feeling real natural!! Haha! We continue to talk and he kept saying “WHY ARE YOU HERE?” Haha! I told him that we knew The Roosevelt was a part of our birth plan! Literally! I even had it on my Baby Center app as a note to not forget! haha!

He made our coffee, meanwhile I am still trying to act natural and the owner walked in and they tell him about us. He calls over to Monica Day from NBC4 and starts telling her about us. I was in shock! I was sure glad I put a little bit of makeup on but I was still freaking out that they were going to want to interview us. I usually would be a lot calmer but mommas know all about the postpartum body and I wasn’t feeling real confident! Of course not even a minute later Monica Day was sitting with us and asking us why in the world we were there. She was super sweet and is welcoming a little baby herself soon.

Andrew and I love to support The Roosevelt Coffeehouse because they GIVE to others. We love that they are a social enterprise but most people think they are just a coffeeshop! How awesome for them that they got to have a beautiful story written up on them and the good they are bringing? Every time we have visitors come in the very first place we take them downtown to The Roosevelt. It is so awesome knowing your cup of coffee that literally is THE BEST in our city, is going to help provide clean water, free victims from sex trafficking, and so much more. So here is the awesome story on them and little baby Aydah and us!

The Roosevelt Coffeehouse, making good coffee for the greater good

Side note: I LOVE that Aydah’s very first stop outside of the hospital she makes it to the NEWS! She is destined for great things friends! 😛


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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