The Truth {Business Tip Tuesday}

May 12, 2015 , Business Tip Tuesday


The Truth {Business Tip Tuesday}2015-05-12_0001Before our first wedding of the year I took the time to practice tearing down and setting up our lighting. I tested all of it on my two-year-old while she sat on the phone while Mommy was busy with all of this. Don’t judge my parenting. Lol!  It took me two days to charge everything we have, repack our bags, assemble and resemble, and more. But do you know the truth? All the preparation, and education I have crammed into my head from the last year… still didn’t prevent hiccups. I want to be honest for a minute. I think so many people look at photographers who are a little further in their journey and think: “I bet they never deal with this!” or “I can’t wait till I get to that point and don’t have to struggle anymore!” Well! A true photographer that desires to grow will tell you that this never stops. You never stop learning and challenging yourself. No, not everything goes perfect on a big day like a wedding day. The important part though is when something goes array you know how to handle it and get what you need. That is the difference.

Our first wedding of the year was great and we got every shot we needed to, but we still had some issues! Here is the list:

1. Our 50mm 1.4 broke. Yup, it is just dead. The focusing system has been going in it for a while but it just hit the hay this time. NO we do not have spare 50’s in our bag. We have a 24-70, 80-200, 105 and our 50mm.. those are the only lenses we own. Should we have more? YES, for back-ups, but we know that as long as one of us can get a wide distance we are good! So what did we do? Andrew gave me the 24-70 and Andrew shot on the 80-200 the rest of the day. It worked perfect! We made it work! Now, we have a new 50mm 1.4 on our way that we didn’t even know we needed!

2. My flash was overheating! I don’t know why this was happening and it drives me crazy. What did I do? Communicated to Andrew to be extra aware while I switch batteries and figure it out.. We never missed a shot but all night my flash was malfunctioning. It was driving me crazy! We think we know why and this next wedding we should have it all figured out! When it would go out..I would fix it unless than 30 seconds and be back up and running. I always made sure Andrew was covering or otherwise I would have switched just to off camera flash and handled it that way until my flash cooled down.

3. Our pocket wizards were not set up right! We could not figure out for the life of us why our on camera flash was not going off. The OFF one would go, but not the ON! So what did I do? We adjusted our settings and shot with only off or only on until the important events passed and I got the settings figured out. Andrew covered free dancing for less than 10 minutes while I googled and reset everything. We got it all figured out and it worked for the most part, BUT we realized… We both can not shoot through the same flash. SOOO we also had to come home and buy another flash! Lol!

So what is important here? PRACTICE everything BEFORE showing up. Andrew and I have shot a handful of weddings now and we are confident that we can make any lighting situation happen. Why? Because we have practiced in it all. Use your kids to practice different lighting techniques. Also, have a game plan for everything.. What if a lens breaks? What if a camera breaks? What if a flash doesn’t work? What if a stand breaks? We know that it is expensive and hard when first starting out to have double everything but like us… just have a plan in mind to ensure you still cover everything effectively.

Be encouraged. We all have struggles and things that happen that are out of our control. The difference is being confident in overcoming them. Don’t let fear steal the joy of a day because you are worried about malfunctions or difficult situations. Look at everything as an obstacle and OVERCOME them by going through it the smartest way.

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew and Chrissy




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