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August 8, 2016 , Personal


It is a new week which means I get a fresh start at meeting my blogging goals! Yay! Not only is life busy but this is the hardest season I have experienced with blogging. I am not sure really how to put into words ALL that is happening and going down but one day I will take the time to tell more of the story! If you missed WHY we moved and what we are up to be sure to head to our blog post that explains it all! For now I will keep touching base and sharing little by little.

Here are some fun facts about our current living situation:

  1. We STILL HAVE no bathroom (we have a toilet) and NO kitchen! Well by NO kitchen I mean, the stove and fridge do not work, the walls still need painted and shelves and outlets need fixed. Lots of work still to be done! The bathroom though is really NO bathroom! SOOOO we have been showering at my parents house they JUST bought directly behind us. They do not move in till the 15th so it has been nice to crash over there when we need bathed!
  2. Our only entrance right now is THROUGH the pizza shop.Eventually we will have the upstairs entrance door reopened but right now it is not accessible.
  3. Our apartment upstairs is only 900 sq ft. When my parents business moves we will go up to 1,876 square feet!
  4. The bedroom Andrew and I now sleep in is the same bedroom I slept in all through high school. It is bringing back all kinds of nostalgia.

Emlyn had her first sleepover last week with her cousin Nelli from PA. We bought the couches we have now specifically for occasions like this because the couch has a sleeper sofa in it. It was so fun to convert the living room into a sleepover party!


Living in a downtown area has its adjustments, like loud traffic all through the night.. but one plus is this right here. Within walking distance is a a few parks and trails. Emlyn fell in love with the Skate park!

We have had LOTS of visitors stopping through this week. Friends from church stopped and had lunch with us on Thursday and Andrews Aunts came through on Friday.


On Sunday two of our favorite people came for a quick visit. Aaron and Tiffany have been good friends of ours for years and the photog world brought us a little closer. Tiffany and I have worked on her branding together for several years and are working on a few more projects for them coming up. It was so great to show them all we have going on out here and just hang with them. They have a golden retriever too so they of course fell in love with our Finn!

We have an exciting announcement to make on the next blog so be on the lookout!


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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