The UP-TO Inventory {Personal}

August 4, 2015 , Personal


The UP-TO Inventory {Personal}


We have been… traveling, packing, sleeping, and eating! Wow what a crazy summer we have had so far!

Our favorite food right now is… donuts! Well.. it is always is! We also have a really bad guilty pleasure called Popeyes. So weird.

We hope to… have some time soon to catch up with all the old faces here in Ohio and get together with all the new ones!

We went.. to a fruit farm, to buy a new car!

We love.. our new car! Lol! We have been wanting a car for YEARS and it feels surreal that we get to drive around in this thing. It is a 2010 Ford Edge Limited Edition.. it is so pretty!

We are working on… finishing the new office space and getting settled here in Ohio.

The business is… at such strange place. With moving we are really not sure what our 2016 will look like but we are hopeful that with some efforts on our end the Ohio world will know we are here!

Emlyn is.. talking so much more! Her sentences are huge now. She starts preschool in a month and we can’t wait to hear all about it, she is so excited!

We are looking forward too.. THIS weekends wedding! Colleen and Ben we can’t wait to celebrate with you!

We just… returned from PA shooting our FIRST ever double header weekend. TI wasn’t as crazy as we thought and they were amazing weddings! Other than maybe needing a back adjustment it was all good!

Talk to you soon!

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