The Up-To Inventory | Personal

February 20, 2017 , Personal


The Up-To Inventory | Personal

This momma is happy because the nesting phase has finally been pushed in to full mode. I have been itching to rearrange, build, decorate, you name it.. for months! I knew it wasn’t time and unnecessary though. In my mind I had the middle to end of February blocked off for starting the process and that worked out. For us this transition looked a little different than some may think. One, it has been almost five years since we have had to prepare for a baby. It has been four years since most of it has been used. We have a storage unit full of all of our stuff we couldn’t take to our little 900 square feet apartment. So, all of our baby stuff has lived there and needed to come out. Getting our baby stuff “out” required us and some great friends to rip through our entire storage unit from front to back and go through it all. It was quite the day!

From there we had to take everything out of our guest bedroom and store a ton of stuff that we WERE using and swap stuff out. We had to buy a new crib and chair and then BUILD them. Needless to say it has taken three full weekends to get everything the way it is now and there is still some work to do. We are making it work! Who needs a big house anyways? The babies room isn’t DONE yet but it is pretty darn close. We will post some final picks once it is all finished.

So, what have we been up to? Preparing for the baby is a large part of this season but lets see if some of these questions help us give you some insight into our world lately!


We are so excited to…   Go to PA this weekend! We are getting maternity/family photos done and visiting with friends and family.

We can’t wait for…     The warm weather to actually stick around and play outside. This is such a tease with 70 degrees in February! But we will take it! Off to the park we will go!

Our favorite thing to do right now is…   watch movies as a family on the weekends. With daddies new job and schedule we look forward to having Andrew home and having quality family time!

We are enjoying… Our weekly small group. We meet every Wednesday with a handful of families from church. It has been great to continue to build relationships and learn together.

We have been eating… ice cream! Emlyn is a bad influence on this pregnant momma! If it isn’t her idea, then it is mine and vice-versa.

We are trying.. to enjoy the “off-season” and say no a little more than we normally would with the baby coming.

We like to go… to Target! Too much! We spend a lot of Friday or Saturdays stopping by Target.

Emlyn is obsessed with.. SHOPKINS! What the heck is it with these things? Why are they so expensive and sooooo small?

Our time is being spent doing the following things right now .. helping the pizza shop move to its new location, prepare our house for baby, church, wedding consultations, and lifestyle shoots! (And Andrew working at Amazon 4 days a week, we are busy bees in a different way right now)

The movie of the week is… TROLLS! We have seen it 6-7 times since Valentines Day! Thanks Emmy for causing “Can’t Stop the Feeling” to be on repeat in our minds 24/7!

Our downtime is spent… watching This is Us, reading a marriage book, or taking naps! haha! Third trimester exhaustion has set in!


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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