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September 12, 2018 , Personal


It has been awhile since I have done a personal update and I feel like life is happening so quickly these days that writing it down should be more of a necessity. I know it feels chaotic at times and people are often commenting now to me “Wow you are going to be busy” because they see my growing baby belly with already full hands. I would be lying if I said there wasn’t some anxiety that sets in with having a full time business and three kid….and that is just the beginning of the responsibilities. What I do know is every season is short and I just have to trust the seasons we are in. So here is what we are UP-TO right now!


Aydah was first on our list to prepare for baby. So in order to transition everyone we had to move Emlyn to our former playroom. Andrew and his friend painted that room and got her all set up! THEN we moved Aydah from the nursery into Emlyn’s old room. Her first couple nights in the toddler bed she was a little unsure but she did great! She has been in it for a few weeks and still stays really well. I feel like that was a huge accomplishment! Next on her list is starting potty training and she is showing all the signs for that which is crazy! She is only 17 months.




This is my first pregnancy I have actually prayed for time to just slow down! HA! I am in no rush for him to get here but I am definitely excited and anxious to have a BOY in the house! We have been given SO many hand me downs for baby boy that the last few weeks that is what I have been doing. I have been sorting and putting stuff away and preparing to do all his laundry. I have been figuring out what he needs and driving Andrew crazy with my lists. The nesting has begun. I am 29 weeks this Friday! 😀 November will be here before we know it!


3. Emlyn is off!

This girl is stoked to be riding the bus every day to school and is enjoying meeting new friends finally. The last year has been hard living in a new town and having no close by friends. Her first week of school she had best friend bracelets and birthday invitations so she is stoked! We are excited for her socially and educationally.


4. Work work work!

Our wedding season has been great this year because we only had weddings right in a row a few times. For the most part we shoot a wedding and then get a week off. My pregnant body likes that! ha! We have ONE more wedding coming up this month and then we do not have another wedding until March and this momma will be on “maternity leave”. And by maternity leave I mean… I still have 10 fall mini sessions, several portrait sessions, three engagement sessions, real estate, head shots, consults, you name it… but all of those are scheduled up until November 3rd and then this momma is DONE (except all the wedding consults because it is booking season) until after baby is here and we are settled! I have nothing on the calendar after November 3rd until the first week of March.

As far as Andrew he just got a temporary promotion as area manager at Amazon for peak season! This is great for him because it looks amazing on his resume and gives him a lot of forward motion for a permanent promotion. His schedule changed a little bit so now he works Sundays- Wednesdays. So far he has been there almost two years and it has been amazing for him alongside of the business. He has a ton of time off and his work schedule has never interfered with our business. It sometimes can be a lot for him but for now we feel really grateful he has a job that is so flexible with our business. He is going to take a few weeks off when baby boy comes and then hold on to some of his paternity leave for after the busy season at Amazon. So we plan to use his paternity leave in January when he is finished up with his temporary role. That will be nice for him to soak up some time with the new baby and Aydah while sissy is at school.

5. Parent Life

If we are honest, the majority of our energy and excitement goes towards our kids. Some business people tell you not to post too much of your kids because it doesn’t seem professional. Or maybe we don’t want people to think we are unavailable. The truth is though that our business is built around them. They come first and we build everything else off of that. We do things FOR them and not business and THEN them. I am so thankful to have never had to have a job to leave my house and go to since they were born. This business has given me precious time with my family. That is something I treasure deeply and couldn’t imagine it any other way.

P.s. If you heard the story about our Finn boy getting hit by a car… He is doing great! It will be 8 weeks since his accident this Sunday and he is almost FULLY healed. He loves on the girls more than he ever has and seems to be a bit calmer since everything. We are grateful for how he has recovered and really think he is a miracle dog. Getting hit head on 60 mph and only having a broken leg was crazy. We are thankful he is here and doing so well.


Alright I am off to get Emlyn off the bus and snuggle my girls!


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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