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July 9, 2019 , Wedding


We announced on Facebook and Instagram yesterday our secret project we have been working on and we are so excited to finally let the world know. Andrew and I held our first workshop in Pennsylvania almost 6 years ago and it was a day we will never forget. We were exhausted in ways we never had been before but our hearts were lit on fire! It felt so good to pour what we had learned into others and watch their lights come on. Not only that but just to encourage them and be voices of hope in a competitive industry. 

We honestly believe that if you attend The Wedding Authentic, what you will gain might surprise you. Every educational event Andrew and I have held we focus on more than the business but actually on the person behind the business. We believe that a healthy and successful business has a healthy person leading it. For two days you will be surrounded by people who cheer you on and push you to be the best you so that your business can be all that that it is meant to be. 

We chose the word authentic in our workshop because that is what we hope for. We hold ourselves to that standard as well as we plan the styled shoot, prepare our sessions, and even plan the meals. We ask if it’s authentic. We ask if it’s real and if it’s us. When you walk alway we believe we can give you the tools to be YOU in your business, to find balance and priorities that align with your life, to overcome comparison, to pose and produce images that are true to your clients, and a business that attracts other authentic people. 

Our living room sessions are PACKED with so much material that there is no way you won’t go home with a list of things you can’t wait to start. Andrew and I learn something new every year and literally never stop having to change the way we do something. A growing business causes you to have changing systems. Our material ranges from having a website that shows up on Google, to editing a wedding in less that one day, to an experience that your clients rave about, to honing your style, knowing your market and attracting your ideal client. Our sponsors have given you gifts and coupons to get you started with them at the lowest rates you’ll find. Sponsors like Millers Lab, CloudSpot, BlogStomp, 17 Hats to name a few!

Our real wedding styled shoot is going to be absolutely unreal! Walking through Bryn Du Mansion, the girls at Host and Grove and I practically squealed our way through. It’s such a beautiful place and an amazing opportunity for you to be a part of. We will have a real wedding day timeline and start with details to getting ready and then ceremony… you get the drill! Our couple who is modeling is a real couple who was disappointed with their photos from their wedding day just one year ago. We can’t wait to serve them in give them images that they love. For them, they keep saying “oh my gosh this is our do over!”  We can’t wait to serve them and make this super special for them as well. 

We are using vendors for the styled shoot who are mainly Granville located or very close. We want to build the community up we live in and give those who are looking to grow their businesses and opportunity to shine. We can’t wait to release all the info on that but you can head to Instagram and keep up with us as we release their info. If you are a wedding vendor who is interested in partnering with us or we can help you in any way by joining in please contact us at! 

The registration is live and we have early bird registration until September 1st! A full price seat is $1189 but if you register today with the code AUTHENTIC it is just $989 and all you need is $300 to reserve your seat. We have only 14 seats open and then we will create a wait list so get ready! 

Ahhh we can not wait! Is it October yet? 

To find out more details and register and claim your seat head to the page below!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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