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November 9, 2016 , Personal


Things We Love | Personal


Life changes and so does the things we love from time to time. Except our love for Chipotle because we all know that will never change! Through the different seasons of life and experiences we find more things that we realize we don’t like and more that we love. Some would call this wisdom, but whatever you call it, we want to share all the things we are loving right now in this season of life!

1. Apple Airport

  • We have had a million different hard drives… ok, maybe like 6-7, but a lot and this one we can stand by so far. We love that from any computer you can access the files with a password. This makes file sharing between Andrew and I so easy. Andrew is the grammar master so I type and design and then send the file over to the editor himself. Well, now there is no sending. I just save it to the airport and he can access that file from his computer! It is such a time saver! I also love that we can make multiple wifi networks off of it for guests, business, you name it!

2. Dark chocolate covered espresso beans

  • We have always been fans of them, but we have our favorites ever! Trader Joe’s makes the best dark chocolate covered espresso beans known to man! Get some!

3. The gym

  • I have gone through seasons of having a gym membership, but as a family we have never all gone. Recently we joined Lifetime Fitness and it has been so nice to take Emlyn their to swim, play in their big indoor jungle gym, rock climb, you name it! It tires her out, teaches her about health and wellness and gives us all a break from being home. It’s so nice to go as a family too. I have always been a swimmer and I love that Andrew and I get to swim laps and Emmy now is taking lessons! So much good is coming from it! P.s.- Speedo goggles and swimsuits are the only way to go! ?

4. Chipotle

  • Ok, I know you already know this! But A: I am pregnant so I love it double right now! And B: we are being more health conscious with going to the gym and I love that I can eat guilt free there.

5. Twenty One Pilots

  • Emlyn is obsessed with the band Twenty One Pilots! She loves the song “Lane Boy,” but sings almost every song on their newest CD. When we get in the car she often asks for it! We all like Twenty One Pilots and don’t mind. It’s our family jam!

6. Prime

  • While we are on music I have to talk about this! Amazon Prime is amazing! The free shipping is great, but I can’t get over all that is on Amazon Music! It really is amazing! So many cd’s that we would have ran out to buy are all available for download on Amazon Music! It makes it so nice for traveling to have music on our phones.  The books are a good plus too! So worth the $97 a year!

7. Judah Smith

  • We have been big Judah Smith fans for a while but lately Andrew has been watching his sermons more and more. Judah has a new book coming out Tuesday, November 15th that Andrew is looking forward to called, “How’s Your Soul?”

8. Legacy Candles

  • We have had all kinds of candles in our home over the years, but these are the best. Why? Andrew always says that he has never smelled a candle and Legacy candles he smells right away. The best part is not just the quality though, it’s the mission! We love that when we purchase a candle, we helping Legacy employ women who were victims from sex trafficking!

9. Simply Lemonade

  • We try to cut out drinking pop in our house and we are always big on having orange juice. One drink that consistently stays in our house though is Simply Lemonade! We recently started buying their tropical fruit punch too and it’s just as good!

10. This is Us

  • Andrew was a huge Parenthood fan and was stoked when he heard of This is Us coming to NBC. The first night it was on I was still super sick from being pregnant and was passing out on and off, but since then I have been watching more and more! It is so nice to have another show that keeps you hanging like Parenthood. The family perspective and the way they have handled all the different hard topics in life has been so impressive. It’s our new fave!


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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