Think Ahead {Business Tip Tuesday}

September 8, 2015 , Business Tip Tuesday


Think Ahead {Business Tip Tuesday}


For a lot of us photographers this is our busiest time of year. In the hustle of making our business run it can be hard to really pay attention to the details of our business and how it is being ran. Andrew and I are firm believers that a business with out a clear vision is going no where but down. A vision you had 10 years ago, even last year.. isn’t necessarily the vision you need to move forward. There is some significance in having a FRESH vision. Burn out can cause a lack of vision and we have found some ways to keep ourselves focused on moving forward with a refreshed mind.

  1. Balance- Create balance! It can be overwhelming when owning your own business and working until 3am can seem like a good idea to most of us at the time. But when you have other areas of your life that suffer because of it.. It is not a good idea. Be sure to schedule in some time to REST or do something that replenishes you. Ideas like.. Waking up a littler earlier once a week to drink coffee alone and read a non business related book or the bible. Or going for a walk over lunch break and catching some fresh air after being at a desk all day. These little acts of finding balance renew you for your day and really add up.
  2. Organized- We have found the more organized we are NOW the better we are prepared for the future. ShootQ has helped us track when consults come in from year to year, what our finances look like in the future, how people have paid and more. It has created a system for us to refer to when planning events, promotions, or marketing.
  3. Write it out- Get those thoughts out of your mind! If you are anything like me you have a million ideas in your head. Writing them out is a great relief when all of that is circling around. As you go through out each month be sure to write down what has worked and what hasn’t worked. Keep an ongoing list to refer to at the end of the year. This is a great list to refer to while planning for the following year.
  4. Charge more!- Yup! Are you struggling with burn out? Are you doing too much? Do you need more time to find balance? Raise those prices!

SPEAKING of “thinking ahead”! We have been doing some of that ourselves! Do you notice anything different? With some help from one of our clients, Jesse Hixson, we have modified our brand and website! With the big move we thought it was a good time to really look at everything for next year. We have asked ourselves what we want to stand for in our new market, what we want their first impression to be, if our brand represents our style, and much more! We updated our mint color and made it a little brighter to match our bold photographic style. We changed our fonts to reflect more of our personalites. Lastly, we found it super important while working with an SEO guy to move everything over to ONE domain name! SO we integrated everything over to wordpress and we LOVE IT! Beyond the SEO benefit of moving completely to wordpress we also love that we have a sleeker, more simplified look. We were able to condense our pages and be more intentional about every word that is on our site. Take a look around and enjoy! We would love to know what you think!

So start thinking ahead! 2016 will be here before your know it and I have a feeling that it is going to be a GREAT year!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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