Those Little Lies | Business Tip Tuesday

November 10, 2015 , Business Tip Tuesday


Those Little Lies | Business Tip Tuesday 


This morning on my drive into the office I felt that sneaky voice creep in. “You’re behind!” “You should have had a lot more done by now!” “You will never get it all done!”. Something I have learned in the last year is to take EVERY thought completely captive. Sometimes we allow these voices to tell us something but we don’t realize the effect it has on us later. So let me explain what I mean.

When I realized what I was allowing myself to believe on that drive in this morning.. I stopped. And said “NO! That can’t be it.” I thought on it and I remembered a parenting book I read last year. It had me list out all of the things I do every day in my routine and then it had me list out the things I do every day that will go with me when I am no longer here or the things that will STAY when I am gone. It really put into perspective how much time we use doing the things that HAVE to be done… Changing diapers, answering emails, paying bills, cooking, cleaning. But what I took away from that was I need to make those moments I have spare from the HAVE to’s or IN the HAVE to’s… COUNT. They need to be something I can leave behind for my family and my children.. or something I can take with me when I stand in heaven.

So today I realized that I had fallen into the lie and believed something that wasn’t true. Listen, I know it is important to blog, I get the benefits of blogging it QUICK. I know the feeling of completing a finished gallery and sending it off and CHECKING it off your list.I know the feeling of for just a moment having EVERYTHING done. But the truth is most of the things us photographers and creatives spend our time on is the things we know we have to do but we spend less time focusing on the things we GET to leave behind and take with us. So your list is big and you feel like your head is spinning? Your overwhelmed and have too much going on? Stop and think… Who’s life did you make a difference in today? How did you use your roles to leave something behind? As a parent, I take time to read devotionals with my little girl and teach her how to be kind, and love others. That is something I can leave behind. As a photographer, my husband and I met with an amazing #accouple and we got to encourage them in their unique family situation and even shed some light on some further healing they may need. We made a difference. We took their pictures….Those photos will be here when we are gone.. and the difference we made in their life may show up in heaven.

Do you see? Don’t let those voices tell you that you are doing a bad job. We all have lists and the lists may be things we HAVE to do but they aren’t the things that count. Do them and do them your best but don’t beat yourself up. When you hear those little lies… Grab them. Dig deep and find out WHY you believe it and get to the bottom of it. This was my bottom. And the bottom is always the truth to me. So today, as I rummage through my to-do list.. I am going to do it the best I can. But I can’t fail because the legacy we are leaving has already begun. And at the end of the day I know what I am taking with me when I leave this place.. and I want to stand and heaven with all that I can and hear “Good job!”

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