Three Micro Changes | Business Tip Tuesday

November 8, 2016 , Business Tip Tuesday


Three Micro Changes | Business Tip Tuesday 


Reaching out and saying “we need help” isn’t something I would say is a strength of ours! Looking back on every time we needed help, our biggest regret is not asking sooner. Andrew and I noticed that the way we have always done things in our business seemed to not be working as well here in Ohio and we weren’t sure why. We asked about a million questions to ourselves. The funny thing is we beat ourselves up and the changes we needed to make were so micro! Sometimes just because things aren’t going as you’d like doesn’t mean you have totally missed it. Sometimes it is just little changes that our need to help spring you forward.

We reached out to Matt and Carissa Kennedy from Matt Kennedy Photography and they have helped us work through a lot of our questions. Here are some subjects we discussed with them:

1. Pricing

  • Our first question was with pricing! Anyone else have a million questions when it comes to your pricing? The change we made was so small, but so monumental. We had three packages before and the price difference to jump to the highest wasn’t even a thousand dollars difference. We had created a very narrow market for ourselves to reach by doing this. In some cases this is fine but us being in a new city and virtually starting over, this can be a problem since we aren’t as appealing to as many people. We created a package that included less, but that is at least more affordable to some and then created packages that step up from there. Now we have more options for more people.

2. Website

  • We felt our website was good to go, but couldn’t figure out if something was missing. Matt and Carissa were so encouraging but helped us realize some things we needed to change! We worked through our portfolio and slideshow images to decide what fit best and told the best story about us and our brand. We are lovers of all things architectural and a black tie elegance but realized it wasn’t the first thing people were seeing when they came to our site. Most of our changes were positioning and swapping things around! I could talk on this forever so instead I will have a full blog post next week on selecting what to show on your website!

3. Marketing

  • As photographers we look around at so many others and we see all the things they are good at and then add that to our own list to be awesome. The truth though is that most photographers are only great at a few things. We just have the perception they do it all! Matt and Carissa helped us realize we need to just focus on three things that we want to focus on when it comes to marketing. This is different for everyone but here are some of the things that could be: networking, venues, blogging, SEO, referrals, and social media (Instagram, Facebook, snap chat etc.). Realizing we don’t have to be killing it on four social media platforms, our blog, networking and everything else is a huge breath of fresh air. It takes a load off and helps us focus on the areas we do best in at growing our business. Someone might swear by blogging, but if it doesn’t make sense for your schedule and your own marketing then you don’t have to rock it out! Not to say any of these areas should totally be neglected, but letting go of thinking you have to be the best at everything allows for a lot more peace when moving forward.  Asking ourselves what the three areas we wanted to focus on with marketing was a great question.

We thought sharing our micro changes might encourage someone else to step out of their comfort zone and find out what small changes they might need to make! Don’t be like us and hesitate to ask for help! Get out there and make those small changes and watch things change.


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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