Top 6 Posts of 2015 | Columbus Wedding Photography

January 8, 2016 , Wedding


Top 6 Posts of 2015 | Columbus Wedding Photography

Blogging is a crazy world I try to understand. Every blog I post that I think is going to be a big hit.. isn’t. Then the posts I think are going to go nowhere.. end up being in the top 6 of the year! Crazy! If you missed out on our posts, just found us, or want a review through some of our biggest highlights, like moving to Columbus and more! Here is our 6 most read posts of the year!

1. Journey to a New Smile

I blogged a vulnerable post right before my first big surgery. My dental history has been full of tears and fears. I was born with out 11 adult teeth, and had extremely low bone density which had to be fixed before I could get implants. Read all about the journey!














2. You Call Me Out Upon the Water

Oh my! This blog had over 800 views and it was vulnerable post number two! Sharing our faith and being so open about what we feel God is calling us to and why can be a scary thing. But we believe that we have been given any type of platform, small or big to share what God is doing. In this post we share how we made the decision to move to Ohio and the huge faith step it was for us!



3. Landon and Kayla

I was kind of shocked that out of ALL the weddings we shot THIS post got the most hits! Crazy? It is kind of exciting because I think this is a glimmer into what Columbus has for us.Kayla and Landon had a unique story. They eloped and chose us to capture them right after they got married and used our session to make the announcement a little more official. Her skirt was a killer and I believe it was a partial reason why this post went so crazy!


4. Kairys’ Wedding

This post gets hits EVERY DAY and their wedding was in May! Why? Well, Mallory and Tyler are perfect but also because they were the FIRST wedding ever at Pittsburgh Botanic Garden. We get so many hits from people looking up their venue and stumbling across their post. This is a prime example why using keywords and putting your venues and locations into your posts is so important!

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5. Thiry Wedding

AHHH! This wedding was one of our personal favorites. This two booked us two years in advance and it was such a high anticipated day. It was at a beautiful location and these two have a story unlike so many. They are a true representation that somethings are just meant to be!


6. Halferty Wedding

Jess and Alex had a beautiful day and who doesn’t like a winery wedding? Their blog post is full of pink and whimsy!


It has been a great year full of NEW things. A new smile, new state and town, new couples and so much more! Here is to 2016!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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