Tyler + Mallory {Engagement Session and Business Tip Tuesday)

March 17, 2015 , Business Tip Tuesday


Tyler + Mallory {Engagement Session and Business Tip Tuesday)

Tyler + Mallory booked us a few months ago for their May wedding. They will be our first wedding of the year and they were our first engagement session of the year! These two met while working at Best Buy and have been inseparable ever since. Now they have had career changes, bought a house, and life keeps changing but they remain constant. We are so excited to be joining these two on their wedding day and we just know it is going to perfect. Mallory’s calm nature and Tyler’s “go with the flow” mindset is going to set the tone for their day. If you can’t tell from their pictures, let me tell you, these two fit like a glove.

For this post I am also going to reach out to all of the photographers that come here for Business Tip Tuesday. Anything in ITALICS is going to be me talking to them!  I think of this as a hands on internet version post! How many times have you looked through pictures and asked yourself “What are they shooting with?” “How did they achieve that look?” Why are their pictures so sharp?”… Well we wanted to try and answer those as you look through.

Here is the link to the video to watch before scrolling through:


(The shot on the left is Andrews with the 28-70mm at 2.8. The shot on the right is mine with the 80-200mm at 200 2.8.)



Hartwood Acres is such a neat place. It was an actual mansion built in the 1920’s. You can take tours of the inside and they have beautiful trails around the park.

(Both shots here are mine with the 80-200mm at 200mm 2.8.)

(Same as above)

(200mm 2.8)

I loved Mallory’s expression in this next shot!


(200mm 2.8)

(Both of these shots are Andrews with the 28-70 at 40mm 2.8)

(Chrissy with 80mm  at 2.8)

(Chrissy with 80mm  at 2.8)

I love the rotten look on her face! A playful couple is always so good in front of the camera!

(Andrew with 28mm  at 2.8, shot on left is at 70mm 2.8)

(Chrissy with 50mm at 2.8)

I love this next shot so much. A lot of times when we pose couples it is all of the in between moments that we love. This was right before we asked them to go in for a kiss.

(Both shots, Chrissy with 50mm at 2.8)

(Left is Andrew with the 28-70mm at 28mm 2.8, this shot has some added bokeh with the Alien Skin plug in. Right is Chrissy with the 50mm 1.4 at 1.4)

The shot on the left is in my top 3 FAVES from the session! I am all about showing off the architecture but I love how they are looking at each other even more.

I am ALSO all about some up close shots right now. I love the romance that a cropped shot tells. These two look at each other with so much love that just that one eye draws you in and makes you want to see more.

(Chrissy with 50mm at 2.8)

(Andrew 28-70mm at 28mm 2.8)

(Both shots are Chrissy with 50mm at 2.8)

(Left is Chrissy with 50mm at 2.8 and right is Andrew at 70mm 2.8)

I love her real laugh on the left! We usually get our clients to laugh because Andrew and I are bumping into each other or always in each others way. We pick on each other the whole time!

(Chrissy with 50mm at 2.8)

BREATHLESS! Love her serious look! Their are a few more with this same expression and she just NAILS it. I love how he is leaning in. Just beautiful.

Here is where we were trying to do something a little different. We got out our flash and pocket wizards and set up a quick monopod stick. We loved the way these turned out and can not wait to play more with this set up at night! Check out the texture in the stone because of the flash. 

(Chrissy with 50mm at 2.8)

(Both shots are Andrew at 2.8 on the 28-70mm.. Left is at 28mm and the right is at 70mm)

The shot on the right I had a vision for and I put Andrew to work. He followed through and NAILED this shot. It is also one of my FAVES!

(Shot on the left is Andrew again with the same lens as usual and 2.8 and then right is Chrissy with 50mm at 1.8)

I am absolutely in love with the emotion of the image on the left! What a beautiful place and an amazing couple.

(Both shots are Chrissy with 50mm at 1.8)

(Both shots are Chrissy with 50mm at 1.8)

FAVE SHOT! Yes absolute fave. There is that serious face again. I just love it. The trust in her eyes as he holds her just kills me. Can you imagine what their wedding photos are going to look like? These two are amazing!

(Andrew with 28-70mm at 70mm 2.8)

(Andrew with 28-70mm at 70mm 2.8)

(Chrissy 50mm 1.8)

Again, I am loving a tight shot that shows more emotion. He was doing a great job keeping her warm.

(Chrissy 50mm 1.8)

(Andrew 28mm 2.8)


Favorite lens NOTICE! I love the 105mm.

(Chrissy 105mm macro 2.8)

(Chrissy 105mm macro 2.8)

(Chrissy 105mm macro 2.8)

(Andrew 70mm 2.8)

(Chrissy 105mm macro 4.8)

Thank you for stopping by! We have a FULL calendar in April and we can not wait for the weather to break and to get more of our 2015 and 2016 couples in front of the camera.

As always…

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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