Waiting to be Known... {Why Does Their Life Look Better?}

May 20, 2015 , Business


Waiting to be Known… {Why Does Their Life Look Better?}


There is something I just can’t shake in this industry and I have finally figured that I need to dust myself off and be the one to stand up and be different. I am not mad, but rather heart broken over the lie some believe. My heart gets rattled seeing photographers strive. Not just striving for anything but striving to be known. Striving for someone to pay attention to them and to finally get their shot to be in the “crowd”. It is so easy to look around and think someone has it all together and to think they are who we HAVE to know and they HAVE to like us or we will never get anywhere. This trap.. this lie.. is one so many fall for but never talk about. We talk about comparison and we talk about competition not existing and how community is SO important. But we very rarely talk about what we are really striving for. How though someone may look like they just soared to the top.. that they didn’t. They aren’t better than any of us.. they aren’t super people that just are so awesome that only they can be there and you are never going to be good enough. That is not it.

When they post pictures you wish you were there. Your heart skips a beat because you see someone else getting the spotlight and it is not you. Why? What is it you are longing for? Get real with yourself.. why are you not happy unless you get “there”.. why there?

Your life is different than any other life. Your talent. Your skills. Your heart. I am a firm believer that those that rise to the top, whether they rose all at once or slow and steady.. all are put their for a reason. We don’t know what that reason is and we can’t make our judgements on people in the limelight. Every authority, every position of influence is in God’s control. Your not there.. but for a reason. Your life is going to look different and we can’t put our lives in a box expecting things to go just like someone else’s.

Why does their life look better than yours? Are your relationships NOW not good enough? Are the people you get to love on everyday not enough in this life for you? Why would God give you more when you can’t thank Him for what you already have? What looks like gold can turn out not to be gold at all. Pretty and matching Instagram feeds with faces you recognize doesn’t make their life better than yours. If you can’t rejoice in someone else’s success and life.. If you can’t watch and celebrate with them rather than burn with jealousy and wishful thinking.. You will tire yourself out. You wont get anywhere and especially not “there.” I would say don’t follow them but the truth is you could unfollow every photographer that makes you feel jealous or left out but it is not about them at all. It is about your heart. If you are not satisfied and do not live a life of thankfulness.. It wont matter who or what you cut out. Jealousy is rooted deep in the heart. Get to the root of that and find out why. What are you longing for? Not people, not a crowd… Why do you need so badly to be accepted? Why do you so badly burn up inside over someone else’s success?

I may sound ludicrous and I am not coming at it that I don’t have these thoughts cross my mind. It is what you do with those thoughts that matters most. I love a lot of very well known photographers and I so enjoy following them and seeing their life. But I can sit back and celebrate what God is doing and not wish my life was different. I know God has me right where he wants me and I am in a place of influence over MY circle. I am thankful for that. I know that the success I am having NOW is more than enough because it is where God has me and I don’t deserve any success on my own anyways. This life isn’t all about you, though we rarely admit it… we act like it is all of the time. I believe we all have opportunities to shed some love and light into this world. The people who LOVE people…  They are great no matter the position. If you love people and make a difference in their life by selflessly pouring out, giving with a generous heart, loving unconditionally and with out judgement… That matters. Whether you are known or not. Whether you are friends with the well known or friends with lonely. It matters.

When I get to heaven I want a house of gold that stands the test of fire. I don’t want to show up and see a bunch of sticks burned because I thought that was what really mattered and it would make it through. If you want to get to heaven and know you did this short life right… do things out of love and not self. Let go of flattery. Serve with a heart of love. Do your job, live your life with thankfulness. I am not saying this is what gets you to “the top” because that is not what matters.. You might make it there though. But it does make it the top of someones heart and that is the one I want to make sure knows I am FOR only Him.. All about Him.. and I never will love another more than Him.

All jealousy, bitterness, anxiety, stress, fear… comes from putting trust in something other than the one who can be trusted fully. This life will throw waves we don’t understand. It will look different than every Instagram account you will ever follow. You can’t put trust in a strategy, a person who teaches and inspires you.. but rather you have to put trust in something that doesn’t fail. That doesn’t boast. That doesn’t lack or give up.

You are made for more than your heart strives to compare to. You just have to change your heart not change your Instagram and website. Place your hope and trust back into the right place and live a life of thankfulness. Be thankful for every person and opportunity. This life is more than enough always.

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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