We are just the pencil.. {Business Tip Tuesday}

April 28, 2015 , Business Tip Tuesday


We are just the pencil.. {Business Tip Tuesday}


I know I talk about this all of the time but I see this as one of the biggest threats not only in this industry but in the hearts of everyone. I meet photographers all of the time riddled with comparison and feeling unworthy. The hard thing is it usually comes to my attention not because they say they feel unworthy but rather it looks more like an outright attack on me or another photographer. Over the years I have gained wisdom to know that when someone attacks you for no reason it is usually a reflection of their own self image. Sounds cliche but it is the truth. I have gained so much compassion for situations like this and I no longer let it get me feeling down. The last thing I want is for a photographer to feel someone is stealing their clients, crashing their business, and then they start to build resentment in their heart. My heart is to see photographers set free from the guilt and of the comparison trap and to learn to love past it.

I believe every day is planned before us. Even those who do not proclaim a faith.. God still has their days planned. I believe every client, every dollar, Jesus set before us. If I know this in my heart and I trust in Jesus with not just my heart but everything in my life… Than I have got to trust that He is in control of my business too. Thankfully He didn’t look at my skills for my calling.. Instead He gave me a plan and only He has the ability to qualify me for it. I am not saying that we shouldnt grow in our skills because I believe walking in His name .. we should do all things with excellence. We have to give it our best and not make excuses for learning and growing more because He gave it all for us. But your skill is not the purpose in doing what you do.. It is so much more!

Don’t get caught up in just the pictures and comparing your work to everyone else’s. The people you are capturing are real people. They have pains, struggles, and life, just like you do. You get the amazing honor of meeting new people and freezing time in a particular season of their life. The meaning might be so much more than you think. Don’t limit it to your skills but realize that God is playing such a bigger part with every shot captured. Your clients are set before you because it was a part of Gods plan. If they go somewhere else.. God is still good and you are still qualified and called. His plan always looks different than yours.

Do you want to stand out? You constantly wonder why no one acknowledges you? Well here is the truth. The only way you get to the front is when you serve and love well in the back. What do you want to be known for? Taking amazing photos and being famous? Or do you want to be known for the way you love and serve everyone and for the humility you carry? The kind of person that not only inspires your clients but everyone? Our whole life is an opportunity to make HIM known and we often stand in the way looking for the fame and glory for ourselves. So often we look at life and think that God is a part of OUR story when the reality is we are only the pencil. We can’t do anything unless a hand picks us up. God is the author. He holds us, sharpens us, and writes with us. This life really is not all about us like we make it to be. It is all about Him and He chose us to be a part of it.

If we are just the pencil we have to trust and let go of the control we think we have. We are nothing with out Him. You can’t make clients happen. You can’t prevent someone choosing another photographer and you can’t let jealousy and bitterness store up in your heart and think that is how your business will grow. Let it all go and realize that He has this venture set before you for a purpose greater than your understanding. Tough times come but He is the author. Trust in His hand as He brings things before you. He writes stories so much better than we could.

You are made for something so much bigger than the people you compare yourself too. You squash your potential by looking at them through your feelings of inadequacy. You are more than worthy of this business and His grace is always on you. Instead of storing up bitterness towards those you compare yourself too… Love them. Serve them. Encourage them. Get out from behind the desk and get together with your community. Step outside of your fear of failure and be brave. Mighty works have never happened because someone gave up and stayed. Mighty works can only happen we you take risks and be brave. Now go. Be you. Be free. Love. Serve. And don’t shrink back. He has something more for you. Remember.. You are only the pencil.

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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