Wedding Day Photography Tips {Business Tip Tuesday}

June 16, 2015 , Business Tip Tuesday


Wedding Day Photography Tips {Business Tip Tuesday}


One thing I have learned to do is be MORE mindful of everything around me while I am shooting. I ask myself this; How is our coverage going to transition into an album or blogpost? If I am thinking about pairing images together and the overall look WHILE SHOOTING.. I am going to avoid colors that don’t match, textures, etc. This has really helped clean our work up and help give us more of a storytelling feel to our blog posts and albums.
Providing a well thought out timeline, having questionnaires and family lists.. These are all things that help you show up on wedding day and KNOW what is happening. We even ask questions about divorce and uncomfortable situations before so nothing takes us by surprise. More than anything we like our bride and groom to know exactly what they can expect from US for the day.
3. Set the stage
We hear a lot of photographers say they don’t feel the need for all of the getting ready shots and being their for hair and makeup. We find it important for reasons outside of pictures! Spending time with the couple in the morning really helps set the stage for your relationship through out the day. Get to know them and ask questions during that time. The more comfortable your client gets the better their photos will be through out the day. We like to come in WITH OUT equipment first too.
4. Rehearsal dinners
We know not everyone can do this and we know it is another thing on the list. But even if you can only go for the actual rehearsal, which is maybe an hour, do it. We do not make every one of them but we try to. We feel the rehearsal really helps prepare us but also gives us a first shot at putting names to faces and enhancing the experience come wedding day. Go with out your equipment if you can and just focus on connecting and learning names.
5. Details
Shoot all of your details with primes not zooms. This helps you move your feet and not stay in one spot the whole time. Typically with zooms we just zoom out and don’t move our feet as much. Another great tip is to keep your back to the window and shoot the direction the light is going in. We always angle a chair about 40 degrees from the window.
So someone keeps telling you about the beautiful flowers over in a certain spot, or Uncle Bob told you the light is better over there. So how do you know you have a great location? Here is the order of importance for photos.. 1. LIGHTING 2 LOCATION. If it is bride and groom shots or first looks it is 1. PRIVACY 2. LIGHTING 3. LOCATION. You could have a BEAUTIFUL spot picked out but if the lighting is bad, the photos will be bad. Pick a location based off of lighting and then location.
Long lenses such as the 70-200 or 105mm really add a great look to the photos. We love our 50mm but for bride and groom shots we love to add in a few long lenses to achieve a different look.
I have tried family photos with out tripod and with tripod and I have decided to always bring my tripod from here on out! Why? Well the tripod establishes you as the photographer. Lots of people bring a camera but most don’t bring tripods. There is some type of automatic respect when people see you are the photographer from just seeing your tripod. This also is much easier in post processing and looks better in albums because all of the horizons are the same.
Sharing, serving and celebrating,
Andrew + Chrissy
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