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May 26, 2015 , Personal


Weekend Snapshot2015-05-26_0001Last weekend we were in New York shooting a wedding and three days later we were off to Jacksonville, FL. The Allshouse wedding was a blast and the trip was pretty calm but it was work focused and our feet and backs felt the 12 hour wedding day for a few days. Jacksonville we actually got to attend a good friends wedding and just relax. Our anniversary is in less than a month and we figured we would make a long weekend out of it and rest before the craziness of wedding season.

We love to visit local restaurants and stores and we actually got to try quite a few different places. We made friends with a local ice cream owner who started making ice cream with his toddler at home. He home grows everything and just opened his shop in November. It was delicious and we loved encouraging him in his story. Then we tried out a local Taqueria and Tequila restaurant called The Flying Iguana and it was amazing. Andrew got a taco with pork, watermelon and onions on it. He actually loved it! We also found a cupcake shop called The Cupcake Girls. It was fantastic. Probably some of the best we have ever had! Of course there are Starbucks on every corner so we did make some trips there… Starbucks and walks on the beach is pretty much my dream life! Haha!

Joe and Angie’s wedding was unreal. It was so well thought out and the food was unlike any we have ever had! Angie looked gorgeous and Joe was awestruck. We just love those two and are excited to have someone to visit now in Jacksonville. We will get to hug their necks soon though when they visit PA in June.

We flew back Sunday night and stopped at Robinson for one last dinner before toddlerland returned to us. We ate and ate but we did work out once over the weekend! haha! Monday we met up with our sitters and Emlyn and fished a little. Emlyn’s version of fishing is daddy casting the pole and Emyln reeling it in as fast as she can. She didn’t catch anything because the fish would of had to swim really fast! After that we headed to Butler to visit and hang with good friends. Barbecue chicken and rest and relaxation was exactly what we needed!

So what did you do over the long weekend? What traditions do you carry out? We would love to hear from you!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy


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