What are we up to?

June 8, 2015 , Personal


What have we been up to? {Personal}

There is so much that we COULD blog about but we DON’T because it is hard to find a place. With us moving in just four weeks we are living life up as best as we can in PA. We are visiting with friends we haven’t seen in a while, we are going to the doctors to get everything caught up as we transition, and we are taking Emlyn on little trips of fun to experience PA. One of the harder but bittersweet things is finishing up at our youth group here in PA. Andrew and I have been Youth Pastors at LifeSpring for 6 years and this week we have officially handed over the ministry to our successors. The emotion, fun, and excitement we have been experiencing is too hard to put in words but I thought maybe some pictures would help explain it with me.

1. Emlyn has a new imagination so we have been living it up for the last month in our house and building “castles” and having tea parties. She will still get to play like this in Ohio but our space will be limited for awhile. She is way too much fun right now!

2. We have been trying to work on our tan and of course taking Emlyn to swim. She didn’t like it at first but now she is a jumper 24/7 and always wants someone to come catch her! On our list before we move is Idlewild and the zoo!

3. My dental journey is coming to a close on June 18th and it can’t come soon enough. I spent 4 and a half hours at the dentist last week in one sitting and it has not been fun. Emlyn and I have made lots of trips to Panera and soups and smoothies have been my best friend. Right now all is left is to insert my porcelain from 4 teeth. The picture on the right shows my current status. I have a temporary piece there now and will get my fronts put on June 18th.


2015-06-05_00014. Youth ministry has been crazy but awesome. I love that God is moving so much despite a transition. Students are learning and growing. We have had the honor of spending time with several students this week for fun and for some encouragement. One of the students bought Andrew a Jurassic Park shirt and he was BEYOND stoked.

This next week we shoot a wedding, visit with friends, have dinner with clients, have a couple portrait sessions, and lots of grad parties and celebrations. We have packed the house up A TON lately and I feel like we are finally showing signs of leaving. It is all bittersweet but it all feels right. We have so much happening and so many things brewing in our A+C pot that we just can’t wait to share! Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy


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