What is MOST important {Where to start on your to-do list}

September 1, 2015 , Business Tip Tuesday


What is MOST important {Where to start on your to-do list}



Something I have been struggling with is deciding what is MOST important to work on when I sit down at my desk. Though I am considered “full time”.. I am not sure I ever will REALLY be full time. Having an almost three year old is time consuming in itself. I really only get about 8-10 hours of office work a week between ministry, Emlyn, and just maintaining life. I often say that I have mastered the 40 hour work week in one day.. But really I haven’t. I have just learned to work on what is MOST important and not stress over the things left to do. Here has been my plan of action.

  1. Clients FIRST- If I have a wedding waiting to be delivered or a client email I need to respond to I always handle anything with the CLIENT FIRST! This goes down to our surprise gifts we send after the wedding. I never move on until I know I have my client experience completed up to that point in time. It is awesome because my clients ALWAYS talk about how on top of things I am but the truth is I drop almost everything when a client needs something because it is important to me. I want them to say the right things about me and their perspective and experience is KEY to growing. They just don’t know about all the other things I am slacking at because it doesn’t effect them directly.
  2. Maintain SECOND- For me this is updating quickbooks, paying bills, and preparing equipment for what is next. I make sure that whatever I need done to run my business for that next week is done. That way when I get to the stuff I find enjoyment in.. I can have fun and not think about all the the things that HAVE to be done. also this is key so that your business obviously doesn’t face any hiccups.
  3. 6 month plan- I look out to see if there are any events or plans I need to be working on or starting to promote. Andrew and I start coordinating dates and talk about the seasons ahead and what we want to achieve in them. We also look at educational resources and make a plan for what we will do to learn.
  4. Next Year/Growth- These are the things I have vision for. Say I want to start a new workshop or do a styled session, mini session ideas, new business ventures etc. I allow time for this as soon as my immediate tasks are done.

Now, I have found myself at times where I am so slammed with client and maintaining tasks that I have ZERO time for working on my 6 month plan and the growing plan. What I have learned is this means something is out of balance. There needs to be something that is delegated. For me, when I notice I can not spend time on the future and the things I need to do to GROW our business.. Then I quickly try to find a babysitter to help for a few weeks so I can spend some time catching up on the immediate needs and spending time on the future. some may delegate editing, cleaning, emails and accounting, etc.. Whatever it is that you can cut some chunk of time out to allow time to get past just the immediate tasks.

I hope this helps you think about your plan of action and moving forward with your dreams and vision. Feel free to email or message us if you would like to chat further on this topic!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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