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March 26, 2015 , Business



I am sharing this blog that I posted over at The Gracefully You Project! If you need some encouragement and you are a LADY then head on over and follow the blog and insta page! If you are NOT a lady this blog post still applies to you. I find this so important. You are meant to live life abundantly. Here is my thoughts on it! Enjoy!


Do you look around and see everyone living their dream? Fighting for their passion? I know how hard it can be when you are struggling to find your purpose in the midst of it all. You feel stuck and inadequate! Why does everyone else have something they are so good at? I think the biggest lie that people like you and I believe is that we have nothing we are good at. “Good at”, thankfully, is not what determines our purpose in life. I believe every person is uniquely fashioned for something specific. I have friends who are the most patient mothers and they focus on being a mommy full time. I look at them and think, “Man, they are so gifted for that and I am SO not!” I am gifted in other areas, but not in patience to stay home with my babies all day. I could let it really get to me that I would literally go insane if I stayed home with my children and even let it make me feel inadequate as a mother…OR I could realize God made me strong somewhere else.

A year after Andrew and I got married, I lost my job. It left me, a 21 year old, feeling left out. I chose marriage over college.  While all my friends were about to graduate, I sat there thinking, “What in the world am I gonna do with my life?” I sat for months trying to really figure out what I was meant to do, what I was made for. I knew it was my only chance to do what I loved and not just pay the bills. For years, I had changed jobs frequently because nothing made me happy. I was tired of living that way. After 6 months of praying hard and seeking counsel, I finally came to a conclusion with my husband. I knew God spoke to us loud and clear that day. He spoke to us and said that I was to go to school for graphic design. It made so much sense because I have always made power points, menus, coupons and so much more. I just never thought that something I LIKED could be something I did for a living. I was taken a back and even asked God, “Why didn’t I think of that??”

While in school, I found photography. I was in denial that I could make money from something that was so fun! I thought, “That is not a job!!” I learned quickly that I felt so good creating in any way. I also learned I am not meant for a 9-5 job. Fast forward to now and I feel like I haven’t worked since the day I lost my job. I get to do what I love and it is so freeing. I get to design my branding, market my business, photography people in love and train up others to do the same successfully. I feel like I am soaring with out even trying. All because I found what makes my heart dance. But, how did I figure it out? And, most importantly, how can you?

Andrew and I get the honor of mentoring other entrepreneurs and we find ourselves asking them this question. It was first asked to us and it changed everything for us…

What makes you come alive??

Simple. Not, “What are you good at?” Not, “What do you like?” Instead, “What makes you come ALIVE? What gives you energy and doesn’t deplete you? What burns you up inside?”

That sounds like a lot, right? Andrew and I stepped back when asked that and really looked over our lives. Andrew loves youth. He totally comes alive around them. Actually, he is like a completely different person. Kind of like a lion out of a cage! Haha! But, it is what ignites him. He could spend every minute with teenagers because it is what makes him come alive! Me, if I am creating, I am energized, moved, motivated! Anything that is NEW and can be changed I love! This could be creating leadership teams, interior design, painting, photography, or even just writing. I love to create! Those two things aren’t necessarily careers but we can filter our career choices through that one question. “Does this make me come alive?” If the answer is no, then it is not what you are meant to do.

So, what is it that makes you come alive?  Music? People? Cooking? Baking? Decorating? Singing? Writing? Speaking? Serving? Children? Teaching? Don’t think of it like a job. Just think about what you love! What takes no energy out of you when you think about it? For me, newborn photography makes me tired just thinking of it. Not for me! Wedding photography makes me want to jump outside in -32 weather and snap a photo. That obviously makes me come alive…and also makes me crazy! Haha!

Listen. I know it is tough. I know I make it sound easy. But, I promise YOU were made for something more then just getting by. You are worth the dreams inside of you. You CAN do it and YOU WON’T FAIL. Be brave, take the plunge, and do what you love! He will take care of you. The nails He bore on the cross were for your dreams, for those things that make you come alive, and so that you could live life abundantly and not just to pay the bills. You were made for more.

“Make careful exploration of who you are
 and the work you have been given,
 and then sink yourself into that.
 Don’t be impressed with yourself.
 Don’t compare yourself with others…
Each of you must take responsibility
for doing the creative best you can
Galatians 6:4-5

Gracefully Yours,


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