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February 19, 2015 , Wedding



Andrew and I have so many favorite photos that are our favorites for reasons you probably don’t know. To you… it is a picture.. but to us we remember the day. We remember how they felt, how we felt, and all of the things behind the image!

The first one is from Nick + Brittany’s day! These two are hungry after God and live a life in relentless pursuit of Him. They live at a ministry center where they run an outreach children’s program. We had chills through out their day and it was such an honor to be a part of a dynamic world shaking couples day. This photo encompasses them and their heart. While we were taking pictures I felt the Lord say as we were walking through downtown Jeannette.. “The papers are here. Sign the contract today. It is yours.” So with out hesitation they grabbed hands and in the middle of the street they started praying. They were claiming the city for Jesus and thanking God for the city of Jeannette. They were praying that the enemy would be bound and that now.. the city would be handed over and released. WoW! It was a moment we will never forget! This picture says a million words to us. Tears flow as I sit and remember.


This next photo is also from Nick + Britt. Its meaning is completely different. When I saw this photo I knew I loved it but I couldn’t figure out why. I soon realized that this photo embodied our THREE business words. It was the best representation of our branding I could find. It is HONEST, BOLD, and FEARLESS. Maybe you don’t see it like I do… I see it like this. They are in an old run down town and she is leaning into him. The look in her eyes speaks trust, confidence, and boldness. Do you see it? This photo encourages us to keep taking photos that fall into our style and look for those honest moments.

Oh these shoes! Amanda + Evan’s wedding was one for the books but the one thing that I just can’t stop ooooooohhhhing over is all of her details. Yes these shoes are gorgeous but for a long time I felt defeated in the area of taking detail shots. This day was the day I felt like everything I had learned about details had finally clicked. The angle of the chair to the window, the veil giving it a soft airy feel, shooting wide open at 1.4 and the list goes on. I walked away for the first time feeling like details did not own me and that I was finally finding my way with them! 2015-02-16_0003

Another one from Evan + Amanda! Andrew had only shot a few weddings at this point and up until here he was still honing in on his exposure and white balance. This wedding he just blew me away. It was like we both found ourselves that day. When I pulled these images up I let out a squeal of excitement. Andrew found his style. From this day on he has been all about black and white and masculine groom photos. Evans groom shots are our favorite because they were a turning point for Andrew and they definitely were the first groom shots that Andrew could say YESSSSSS! 2015-02-16_0004

We have a lot from their day so I will just keep on going! Ha! This photo here was another YES. One of the things we knew early on we wanted to focus on was being aware of the emotion and the people around us. This wedding was full of candid shots and we LOVED it. This was the first candid that took our breath away and it reminds us that we want to tell a story and be aware of the emotion around us and not just take pretty photos. 2015-02-16_0005

You might think this is silly but as you can see the bride and groom are somewhere off in the distance. Would they remember that Evan’s brother took grandma out on the dance floor at the end of the night? Probably night? Pictures like this remind us that we are all about capturing the moments that they would never see or quickly forget. 2015-02-16_0006

This one is from Megan and Sean’s big day! Megan got ready at the house she grew up in with her sister, sister in law, and best friend. Her sister had this same photo taken when she got married. I love photos that are a part of history. When a client shares with us that they want a photo of something because it is tradition… we squeal. We love that we get to take “THAT picture.”  You know the one on the wall next to everyone else’s or the one in the photo albums? 2015-02-16_0007

This is another favorite photo that happens to be from their day. The focus is in a silly place and it is not technically perfect. The reason I love it so much is because as soon as they got out the doors of the ceremony they stopped and kissed. I only had a split second to prepare and I almost missed it. It was real. Not posed. That is most important. A good reminder that being technically correct is not everything!

Michelle + Zach’s day was amazing. It was a new experience for us in many ways and it was just what we needed. I loved these photos of Michelle because it showed me that I am growing in my flexibility of creativity. I took Michelle, who has a very unique style, and found a way to reflect her and use our style in it. This may sound confusing but as we were going into the day I wanted to stay true to us as creatives but still represent their day as they would want. I loved the creative, and colorful twist of her portraits but I also loved the way the classic black and whites turned out. 2015-02-16_0009

Oh Sara and Aaron! Sara was a bride unlike any other. She emailed me all of the time and I LOVED it. Though it was mostly virtual we were very comfortable with each other come wedding day. Some weddings have those moments where someone forgets something… in this case mom had forgot her contact lenses and they were trying to figure that out. It left an opportunity for me to walk Sara down to the car and I got to ride over with her to the church. Several times she kept saying “I don’t know what I would have done with out you today.” This awoke me. We are not here just to take pictures. As Sara sat in the car looking at the locket of her grandma that was no longer with us.. I breathed in and just thanked God. I thanked Him that He gave us a skill to take pictures but more than that … He created us to serve and the opportunity was overwhelming. Sara represents what we hope to have with every couple. We hope we can be a breath of fresh air. We hope we can extend a hand where one is needed.. and we hope they can thank God that we were there that day. 2015-02-16_0010

Laura and Joe were my THIRD wedding and Andrew’s first. WOW! To say we were nervous might be an understatement. This photo here was one of the first REAL moments I had ever captured. It is still one of my favorites from their day and it is not even of the bride and groom. I just love that this picture says so much. Laura is from Germany and she married Joe. At this point they already lived in Florida. Laura obviously didn’t get to see her family as much now that she lived in the states. This photo shows me that though she was so excited that her daughter found the love her life.. it was bittersweet for her to let her go. Yeah.. cant think about it too much or I will cry! lol2015-02-16_0011

Lastly, Mike and Joelle! Yes this photo is really cool but that is not why it is a favorite of ours! Andrew and I are all about trying new things and not being afraid! This photo reminds us of that! This was our first ever attempt at sparkler shots and we were amazed that we got it this good for the first time! This photo reminds us to believe in ourselves and not be afraid to try new things. 2015-02-16_0012

As always…

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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