When you feel like you are being buried, maybe you are just being planted

August 1, 2017 , Personal


I posted a personal post on my Facebook page while driving home from the beach. It was one of the posts that just spilled out of me. I didn’t know I even had that much to say. Sometimes writing is what allows us to feel things. My first reaction when these thoughts fall out of my mind and heart is to keep them away from the business. Something inside tells me that it is too much or the backlash you receive from the few makes it not worth it. It never fails though that after seeking and praying I feel the urge to share. Social media and businesses like ours are so easily perceived as perfect. Something I have been told before is that life looks really good on our blog and business pages. When I was told that, instead of getting upset I took it as a time to check myself and make sure we were taking this platform seriously. We never want to give off the impression we are something that we are not nor do we ever want to overwhelm people with too much detail. So if you aren’t for personal posts or long paragraphs from our hearts we wont be offended. We simply want to do what we can to stay true to ourselves and what we feel is right. To us, being a true example of who we are in every area of our life is important.

So here is the post I shared!

Vacation causes lots of deep thinking for me. It never fails that He moves in me with every wave that crashes at my feet. He draws me in and challenges me to rest and lay things down. To let go and allow the water to wash away my worries and fears. There have been times it has made no physical sense for us to travel to the ocean, whether it was financial, being pregnant, having little babes… but Andrew and I have always stood firm on when we know it’s time to go. 

As I stood at the ocean this time and reflected through the seasons of our lives that have led us to the ocean I shed a few tears. I can remember being a confused teenager with a broken heart in many ways, crying as the sun rose over the beach in Outerbanks. I felt Him then. I knew I was going to be ok. I knew He was there and I could let go of the pain. 

I can remember the way I looked out at the ocean being a newlywed, after those first years of marriage, on our baby moon, after a tough year…. but this one. This one was different. My body has changed. My face is a little older and Andrews hands are a little stronger. But that’s not what was different. I have found who I am in a lot of ways. Able to speak when needed and quiet when required. Able to stop and breathe. Able to trust a little more. I looked out at the water and thought of all the times I would stand there crying for answers and for the pain to go away. This time I found myself standing there with gratitude and trust. I’d be lying if I said I don’t hurt. I’d be lying if I said I don’t have fears. But I have had waves crash so many times in my life and my God has been faithful to me. My heart is no longer striving but it is simply trusting. 

We will be back ocean. Because I know I can come back and stand there a little bit stronger next time. This heart of mine knows it’s home. He is faithful!”

I want to encourage those that feel the rush of every wave. The ones that feel like every time they stand up the sand starts coming out from underneath of them. For me, I could never say that life has been easy nor would I ever want to change it. The pain in my life has caused a great reward. It has helped me grow in wisdom, compassion, and understanding. I am thankful I have a God who knows that my prayers for things to go away isn’t always in my best interest. I love the quote “When you feel like you are being buried, maybe you are just being planted”. Taking root is hard work, dark and lonely. But the growth that comes from it is worth all the pain you faced and more. The harvest is coming my friend. I promise you He is faithful to take what hurts and will use it for your good. I pray you trust Him today!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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