Why the World Needs You | Business

March 6, 2018 , Business


Why the World Needs You | Business

Whether you are an entrepreneur, work a factory job, sell cars, work from home, clean teeth, count money or chase your children… you have a story. No one has your story and no one can tell it quite like you. No one has the heart you do, the thoughts you do, the understanding you do. The truth is someone somewhere would benefit from you sharing your story, from you doing what only YOU can do. Someone out there needs to know they are not alone. Someone out there clicks with you just the way they need.

You may think the world doesn’t need another _________. Fill in the gap. False. The world needs you. It’s not about being another “photographer” or blogger or church or business owner.. it’s about your story. It’s about impact. It’s about legacy. Be you. Share who you are. Don’t hide it under a rock but use it to speak value to the world. Somewhere out there… someone is waiting on the other side of you saying no to those fears and they need you there. They need to know they can do it too. They need to know they are not alone. It might be a friend. It might be your kids. But someone is watching. More than likely more than one “someone”.

Don’t worry about what “they” think but worry about who will be missing out. The crazy thing.. YOU will miss out just as much as the person waiting on the other side.  If you say no what will happen to those who need that story? If you say no, what will you settle for?  Don’t compare because you are not meant to. No one is you and you can’t be them. The most successful you’ll ever be in your life is when you let go and start doing things that have no one else’s approval attached to them. I’m your cheerleader. I’m talking right to the doubt and excuses you buy into. Lay the world aside and lets pretend it’s just you and your heart and desires. Would you do it? No one else around. Do those things. Chase them. Be you. Find YOU and share it with the world.

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