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January 3, 2017 , Wedding


Word of the Year | Business Tip Tuesday

Every New Year we do something a little different from a New Years resolution. We all joke that we know resolutions do not stick around. Why is it that we know we will lack discipline? Sometimes I think it is the fact that we overwhelm ourselves with so many words, the words that everyone else is. You scroll through and you see someone killing it at their weight loss journey. You see a friend blooming in their business, a couple who got engaged, a pregnancy announcement, a perfectly curated newsfeed with the cleanest corner of their house. From their you start to realize everything your not and everything you want to be. The truth is, we compile this list in our head and we think those people are good at everything and so we have to be too. It is not true. Most people do some things really well, but our perspectives make us think they kill it at everything. I believe the most successful way to have goals and vision for your life is to start with one simple word.

This is the first year I didn’t have an inkling what our word of the year was before the end of the year happened. I found myself New Years Eve really pondering and praying. Andrew shared a scripture with me that he sensed God lay on His heart and it got me thinking more and praying more. I knew there was something there I needed to dig into. When Andrew and I look back over our last year we would both easily tell you out of our seven years of marriage this one was the hardest. Life looks so different January 1st than we ever thought it would. In a lot of ways 2016 left us feeling defeated. I don’t want that to sound dramatic because I know a lot of good things came from 2016, too but I also know that rainbows happen after a storm. What I felt like happened to us in 2016 is just this: the foundation we thought we had in life was not real at all. We had some serious cracks going on in our hearts, marriage, business, finances and more. Their has been an insane amount of revelation in our lives the last six months and I am so thankful that though I feel we stand with less physically we stand with so much more spiritually and emotionally.

Our word of the year in 2016 perfectly defines what we went through. Here is a blurb from last years word of the year blog;

Our word for the year is “RENOUNCE”. All year, as things come up and we become tempted to grab ahold and fix things ourselves I want to have the strength to move out of the way. To RENOUNCE means to refuse or resign a right or position, especially one as an heir or trustee. Who are we to think that we are the trustees of this all? It is all HIS and FOR Him. What a reminder to live by every day! I have hope that in the act of letting it go FOR REAL and truly allowing Him to have free reign in every area of our life that we will see more things happen in our lives. It may look different but I know with Jesus that His ways are always better. So here is to a year of renouncing and letting it go.

2016 year had so many ups and downs and through it all learning that it was out of our control and to let go and trust was the biggest lesson we had to learn. So what does that bring us to this year? This year Andrew and I both feel like it is our year to grow, to find favor in areas of our lives we have always struggled, and flourish. It makes perfect sense even in the physical because this year we will welcome our second baby girl that we conceived after four years of infertility and loss. We conceived her naturally which was something we thought was never possible. I believe just like my womb that now has a growing baby in it that our lives are ready to flourish and bloom in the same way. The areas of our lives we thought would always be barren are not going to be anymore. The word that I feel sums it up the most is one I found while aimlessly scrolling through Facebook. I wasn’t sure why I was on Facebook and I was just about to give up when an educational resource sponsored ad popped up and it said THRIVE. I scrolled back and knew in that moment that was why I was there and closed out of Facebook. It perfectly summed up the scripture Andrew shared with me and everything we were discussing we wanted for the new year.


When I look back over the course of our business and personal life it is safe to say we have been on this SURVIVE mode rather than THRIVE. We have done what we need to do to get by. Even financially, it seems we have always had just enough to pay for whatever we need to pay for. We do what we need to business wise to keep moving forward but we have never felt like it is THRIVING. This year we want and hope that we learn to no longer survive but to THRIVE in every area of our lives.

I love all the different meanings of THRIVE!

Flourish – We want to flourish in our relationship with Christ, in our marriage, as parents, in our work and business lives, in our relationships, financially, physically, emotionally!

Prosper – Not just financially but find that when we do things they have results that move us forward. We want to prosper in wisdom, growth, in our business and so much more.

Advance- Move forward. Not let the things of the past hold us back. Let go! Advance in our goals and vision!

Succeed – When we put our mind to something we find success in it. We live with boldness and faith!

Healthy – Live a balanced life physically, emotionally, spiritually!

Expand – Move into NEW territories. Discover new things God has for us in all areas of life.


I highly encourage you whether you have a business or not to search for YOUR word of the year. Let this word be in anchor throughout your days. Every situation that comes up through the year I use our word of the year as a filter. I ask myself if there is anything through that word I need to learn and almost every time there is. I never start our vision and mission for the year until I know what that one word is because it grounds us when making goals and plans. It reminds us what we know we need to accomplish in our hearts and not just in our business. Here is to a great NEW year!


Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy

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