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December 8, 2015 , Business Tip Tuesday




I thought I would share what are some of my FAVORITE blogs to do every year. Sometimes it can be so hard to blog when you have no idea what you should be blogging about. For me, this list has really helped me during down weeks to know what I should blog about next.

  1. Behind the Scenes- This is my favorite! This blog is full of all of the behind the scene shots that Andrew and I have grabbed of each other and what some guests or others have captured. This post always has one of highest views. People love to see YOU and not just your business. They relate to anything that is more personal. I usually do this in December or January depending when the last wedding of the year is.
  2. Best of- I always do one or two photos from each wedding or session. I split my blogs up into best of engagements, weddings, and seniors. That makes three posts. I usually do this blog series in January. In the past we have done voting and rewarded who ever has the most votes but now we do that through Facebook.
  3. Highlights- I like to go through and break up our weddings into categories. I have posts coming up for our AC Rings, AC Flowers, AC Reception Decor, AC Dresses, AC Brides, AC Grooms, and more. This is a great way to showcase the consistency in your work and can be a really attractive to someone considering to book you. I like to do these posts January-April during what seems to be our business booking season.
  4. Word of the Year- At the beginning of every year I share a post about what I feel is the word of the year for us to focus on in our business and personal life. Last year our word was audacious! This has definitely been a year of audacious faith for us.
  5. What to Wear- During the beginning of every season, for us senior and engagement season, we post an article or blog on suggestions for styling your session. This has been high and we always share it in our emails after a session is booked!
  6. Unplugged and First Looks- We always like to educate our newly booked couples and we make it a priority to either blog something new or share an old post through out the spring to prepare our couples and educate them on the pros and cons of an unplugged wedding and first looks.
  7. Weekly Blogs- I have found it super beneficial to have a blog that goes up at the same time and day if not every week, every other week. Some weekly blogs we have loved are Business Tip Tuesday, Monday Inventory, Monday Motivation, Vendor Spotlights, Weekend Recap, and more. Come up with something on your own or look around recreate something that fits your blogging style. Something weekly and repetitive is great for SEO and for your readers.

That is all for today! Happy blogging!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

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