You are not WHAT you do

March 16, 2015 , Business


You are not WHAT you do

So I sit here… racking my brain on what to blog next. I can’t think of anything of importance… Nothing more important than what is already on my mind. Today I just can’t shake it. Today I just can’t stop thinking of this life. This family. This home. I sit here trying to do my busy work and my weekly to-dos while Emlyn is at daycare. I only get this opportunity on Mondays. But when I am home.. here.. silent.. trying to work. She is all I think about.

Can I remind you of something? What YOU DO is not WHO YOU ARE? Just the same as WHAT YOU HAVE DONE is not who you are! Your success nor your failures define you. Your job. Your business.. it is just an extension of who you are but is not actually WHO YOU ARE.

This platform that God has given us is not who we are. I am Chrissy. A fighter, dreamer, wishful thinker, creative at my core, momma bear, strong willed, stubborn, sensitive, bold, loud… I am me. I am who I am. I am NOT photographer. I am not BUSINESS OWNER… That is just where I flow into.


Stop today and put all that you “do” aside and be thankful for who you are and WHO you get to love today. Don’t define yourself or others by what they do and look past all of that. Who is behind that computer anyways? Who is behind that phone?

Today I am grateful. Grateful that I don’t have to let what I do define who I am but rather that I already know who I am and WHO’S I am.

Sharing,serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy



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