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January 16, 2018 , Wedding


We have shared in the past about picking your THREE WORDS. These words are words that not just define your business but YOU. Finding these out helps you fine tune your brand and gives you a great place to start with your vision. The step I am going to share with in this blog post is for AFTER you have nailed down those three words. Head to this link if you need to do that.

So once you have that all solidified I want to challenge you with this small step! Go through your photos from 2017 and pick THREE (ONLY THREE) photos that you feel represent all of your words. Not one or two but ALL THREE words. You might think you have more or less and this helps you know what exactly YOUR style is and what you are looking for moving forward.

Our words are HONEST, BOLD, and TIMELESS! So looking through our galleries we ask ourselves…

Is it honest?

Is it BOLD?

Is it timeless?

Once you pick your BEST three photos that represent your THREE words, GREAT! Keep them somewhere where you can pull them out for reference! Use them the most with marketing to catapult your business! Truthfully… it is less about what to do with those photos and MORE about you realizing what photos represent you best. Lastly, now that you have done that… go through ALL of your photos on your website and even social media and ask your three questions! Don’t settle for two! This is an amazing way to be real with who you are and your style and to FIND IDEAL clients who love your work! So get to it start getting rid of those photos that aren’t all three and show your NEW best work.

Have fun!

Sharing, serving, and celebrating,

Andrew + Chrissy


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